Vivek Bavishi on The MVP Show

Vivek Bavishi on The MVP Show

Vivek Bavishi
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Vivek Bavishi's background – originally from India, discusses things you can do in India, good food in India and the reason why he moved to the US 
  • Talks about the Marketing program course 
  • Shares his thoughts about the MVP Program
  • Discusses the company he works for – Regal Beloit 
  • What he does as a Marketing Manager 
  • As the new model of MVP – the generation of people who just wants to get things done
  • Bavishi's journey and how he managed to become part of the MVP Program
  • Where That_API_Guy name came from? 
  • Shares his views about being a consultant within his own company 
  • How he started working with PowerApps 
  • Discusses his contribution to the community
  • Talks about the changes that happened after becoming an MVP 
  • Power Platform and focus in his current role

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Vivek Bavishi

Vivek Bavishi is a Marketing Manager who has been playing around with PowerApps and Flow for more than two years now and loves sharing his experience with the Power Platform or Power Addicts community.

Bavishi breathes PowerApps and Flow and loves spreading his knowledge and experience to help all the other enthusiasts out there. Thinking beyond the PowerApps and Flow limits is his hobby, and making people realize the power of PowerApps and Flow combined with other APIs is his passion.

In addition to that, he likes connecting different APIs to PowerApps using Flow and has made some crazy PowerApps, including Random Movie recommendations, Face Recognition, YouTube Deck, Smart Home Automation and many more. He writes blogs, makes videos, tweets the latest Power Platform updates and shares his work on GitHub.