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What a great way to learn

I love this podcast. I drive quite a bit and the way the conversation flows makes it very easy to listen to and absorb information. Despite being about technology it actually covers the very human element and challenges associated with technology and change. Love the show I don’t know how you have time to do it all. Cheers Andy

Podcasts Are Gold

Mark I really enjoy all of your podcast series. They are very insightful and informative. I recently listened to the Power Platform Show Podcast featuring Chris Huntingford. There was so much information that was packed into it that I'm going to listen to it again. Real world examples of use cases for the Power Platform and best practices. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Marks Question - Are shows sh*t ? - No Way.

Excellent content as ever Mark.

Mark is straight to the facts and brings lots of value in his podcasts. Serious while being lite and with a pinch of humour

Best PodCast , best thing I learnt from this go with your passion.

Mark always has engaging conversations with interesting people from around the globe. His curiosity and good nature make him an enjoyable host and podcaster.

All the best Mark.

Highly professional Podcast. Very entertaining, informational and inspirational. Great job Mark Smith!

This show offers a fantastic blend of casual and informative chat. Mark's podcast has been a stable in my business apps journey. I've learned from the guests and host, and I even find myself joining in on the chat out loud to myself while on my commute. It helps keep me up to date with what's going on in the business applications and business transformation industry and community. It provides me with a better understanding of modern and proven business and technology concepts.

Informational !!

Excellent podcast, absolutely love it! Mark has a great style and energy, seamless delivery of high-quality content. Highly recommended for anyone in the Microsoft Business Application space

Excellent podcast for anyone working in the BizzApp field

Mark's podcasts have had some of the best guests in the Microsoft Business Applications space. Each episode is an excellent blend of personal background about the guest, their biz apps story and the all important technology, sprinkled with personal experiences from Mark himself, making every episode engaging. The Quick Fire questions at the end always bring interesting questions and even more interesting answers. Could not recommend this enough!

Great podcast. Mark's a knowledgeable and insightful interviewer, and adds value with key notes for the episodes.

Excellent podcast, Mark is a great host with plenty of interesting topics and guests.

I really love what they do. Its something really excited to learn from different technical community leaders. Keep it up.

Awesome, podcasts love hearing about success stories of other people's journey to success in the PowerPlatform and looking for ideas, highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about how to become an MVP or looking to make it in the dynamics and power platform World.

Mark has a great tone and is aware of business and technical topics

The best podcast to follow.. not only the technology but associated behind the scene trends and stories are covered to keep one up to date.

Always informative and always entertaining!

Great guests and valuable insights!

One of the best in the Microsft Bus Apps space. Great investment of my time 🙂

Awesome show. Very good to get little nuggets of information of whats happening in the Dynamics 365 \ Power Platform arena.

I have been listening to Mark's podcasts for a while and quality of content is of highest level, covering variety of topics that are of interest to anyone following news and trends of MS Business Applications.

If you are only to ever going to listen to one podcast dedicated to the Power Platform/Dynamics 365, this is it! Mark Smith talks to the top professionals in the industry and gets the inside scoop!

Mark is a connector

I enjoy the way Mark connects the dots along with his guests - from personal journeys to technical strategy and architecture to trends to human experience to community and more... For anyone looking to learn about the people behind Power Platform and Dynamics 365 - at Microsoft and the community - I’d highly recommend subscribing. Cheers.

Energizing and Educational

I have been listening to these pods casts for about a year and I really look forward to getting to know new people. It’s a great way to find mentor ship and variety at the tip of your fingers!

Amazing and very informative

Deep knowledge and understanding of the product, product team and community PLUS his great interviewing style makes Mark’s podcast one of the best. Love the passion and effort in constant improvements and setting up the higher bar every time 👍

Comprehensive and Entertaining

With interviews with experts from Microsoft, the community and beyond, this podcast is entertaining and rich with content.