Venkata Subbarao Polisetty on The MVP Show

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty on The MVP Show

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Venkata Subbarao Polisetty's life background, interests and what he does when not working. 
  • With Venkata’s choices of careers, how did he end up in Information Technology? 
  • Venkata’s first project that got him into Dynamics CRM. 
  • The key part of being part of the Microsoft Business Applications. 
  • Venkata’s focus or areas where he is working on 
  • Microsoft Business Applications MVP journey of Venkata and the nomination process. 
  • Blogging and community involvement of Venkata 
  • Venkata’s experience as a speaker in an event. 
  • If given a chance, what feature Venkata will add to Power Automate? 
  • What did Venkata discover about the MVP program that he didn’t know before becoming one? 
  • Benefits of becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Recommendations to people considering becoming a Microsoft MVP 


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[mark]: today's guest is from india he works at em as a lead software engineer who received his first m v p award this year he's currently leading a dynamic three six five champs a group in hydrabad welcome to the show vinkatpolesti

[venkata]: hi mark

[mark]: how are you

[venkata]: i'm doing good

[mark]: excellent did i did i pronounce your name right yeah

[venkata]: yes ven katasubero policity is my full name you can call me as winked

[mark]: excellent excellent tell me tell me if people want to look you up on twitter are you on twitter and do you have a blog what's your blog address

[venkata]: yeah uh yes my blogadresses ven boroghpool city dot com

[mark]: excellent

[venkata]: and generally people will identiwase common men ips and

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: twitter i use the handles of twitter and link mostly use the linked in

[mark]: excellent excellent okay always like when my guests come on the show i always like to find out what you do outside of work so what do you do for fun tell me about family family what's your favorite food and what do you do for fun

[venkata]: okay so i'm blessed with two children and so i stay hydrabad and outside work what i ll do yes i will learn i will attend the different podcast if they are available i will hear and or else any maties that are present i will like to listen so that i can enhance my skills so so the end i will do u tube vireos and i'll write the blocks and if there are any issues

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: each other sort of facing i used to i try to help them

[mark]: nice nice i must keep

[venkata]: if

[mark]: you

[venkata]: not

[mark]: busy oh

[venkata]: if not then i will spend the time with my children

[mark]: nice nice if i was to come to hydrabad what are the top three things that i should do if i come to hydra bed

[venkata]: so you wanted to okay

[mark]: if i came and visited you know once covid's all out of the way and i can travel easily if i came to hydrabad what are three things that you would recommend i do

[venkata]: yeah okay just you will not feel that this is an h this is an uncommon place so you you can have whatever the thing that you can have like with respect to the food you will enjoy the food if you come maybe during this ranjan season which was started so you will lo the brian and as well as the hole which is famous and the top top places the two visit we have a number of top places to visit like the ramagfillm city just like you can say the holly wood one is there right for all the studios and like this around agflemcity is a big one and we have the morane like golconda forts there where you can visit like that there are fifty two for fifty to sixty places out there and go cart is also present where you can enjoy your day

[mark]: well nice if you could only eat one dish one food for the rest of your life what would you choose

[venkata]: it is amber

[mark]: yeah what's what's in tell me some of the ingredients

[venkata]: okay so italy is nothing but it is made of the rice batter so so the powder will be mixed into the particular water and then it will be streamed and that is the one and the somber just we look at the somber border with all the ingredients that are present make it and have it if you are hot you will not leave it yeah

[mark]: awesome awesome makes me hungry just thinking about it

[venkata]: yeah

[mark]: tell me how you got into to it information technology how did you get into tick of all your choices of careers how did you end up in teck

[venkata]: yeah right i did my masters in computer applications so there i have decided to go into this particular career because this is what i know so from there i just started into the it initially i worked with the draught net and from the past seven years i was into dynamic serum in business application space

[mark]: how did you how did you get in like what was your first project that got you into crim and

[venkata]: okay

[mark]: into dynamics what was that first thing that you know like did you go

[venkata]: yeah

[mark]: study it or did some how did you get into it

[venkata]: okay so initially in the first project i worked as a partner with microsopt so that was a legacy application you can say it is an c c okay so which is nothing but us des grandfather

[mark]: yes correct i'm familiar with it yep yep

[venkata]: so ccfrcand c reactive support is a project name where i used to i was the only person across the globe who as supporting that particular product so

[mark]: well

[venkata]: there i got

[mark]: yes

[venkata]: to know about okay what is is and what is cicawhatis a framework that is behind and how it has been built like that just i got the insights into working on other c m and i was as i was working at the micros of global delivery location at hitrabet so i have my other partners also working along with me so we all used

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: to sit in the

[mark]: oh

[venkata]: in a big conference room like fifteen to twenty members so you can observe you can think fifteen to twenty projects are working beside me so like

[mark]: wow

[venkata]: that i got to know i was okay this is the area which i can definitely

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: invest on it so that so all

[mark]: oh

[venkata]: discussions all problems resolution so it gave me an interest grow

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: on to it and also

[mark]: oh

[venkata]: most of the things like the framework has been built on the top of dont only so which is not which i was very much comfortable if you observe the pleggains custom crodactivities all these things has been built and on the dotneteframework and we use the dotnatrelated libraries to use to work on them that's ow

[mark]: so it's been about five years since i've heard out in a customer you know c c f what's what's the current iteration

[venkata]: oh

[mark]: and microstopland of what was c c c f is it still being carried

[venkata]: no

[mark]: forward or it's gone

[venkata]: no no no it's gone

[mark]: so so was unified service desk the last

[venkata]: ah

[mark]: thing

[venkata]: yes fed service disk and now just the improvised version of the customer service work space is going on right so like many channel all these things has been mostly but there are few

[mark]: that

[venkata]: more few customers till they use the univerd

[mark]: oh yeah

[venkata]: service s especially

[mark]: oh yeah

[venkata]: h p like customer so

[mark]: hm yeah i definitely know of customers that are still using it because you know it's been it works and it's it's still in existence but you know if we look at the modern digital contact center there's much or a requirement now for it to be right cloud so it's a cloud contact center and and us d was never never a cloud type delivery solution writer is very much desk top neither

[venkata]: correct

[mark]: that des top component

[venkata]: got it

[mark]: thick line very interesting it's so good to talk with somebody that has that experience back there so fast fast forward me to where where are you in your your you know what the key part of microsop business applications and like when you started back then there was only a few products right there was not a lot under the dynamics banner and it was now there's a lot of products what area do you mainly focus in these days

[venkata]: okay so when i started working on the business application it was arm two and sixteen on land version after that so jest i worked on the date sitifyendupgrade jucfusaly up grade and all so mostly now my focus in other areas which i concentrate on more on the service models and the sales model and

[mark]: yes

[venkata]: obviously now it is a a kind of flavor that it has and other than that one i work with the power platform a er intigration and canvas order ran abs these all the things that will be revolving around me

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: no

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: i do

[mark]: that's so good and so obviously you know you've become an m v p how did that happen for you what was the nomination process what happened to get you to alter he end up becoming an n v p

[venkata]: what right so i started um making writing the blocks so initially i started by answering the queries in the community first thing what i did right just right registering into the community and observing okay what are the things can i answer a few queries and later just i heard from my many of my babs friends like the base so many who en did who was one of the one of the person who motivated me for just to establish my name so everybody has to identify by your name so that's kind of value that you should get it so how you will get it just by contributing to the community and then just spread whatever the knowledge that you have so like that just i started blogginguh it was actually almost one year now so i could ride close to one hundred and fifteen blocks on

[mark]: wow

[venkata]: various things like back to basics it was around the forty ninth topic that i have written and in a power automate i have written sixty nine so like that so i have a

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: couple of series that are going on like back to back series back to basic series and our automat fundamentals so initial thing is

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: if you open my blog you will know how to start any person who don't have any knowledge just they blindly follow it and they can learn it this

[mark]: I love it

[venkata]: is how i make it as a familiar and coming back to them i'm baby journey so i used to walk i used to write in the same way i used to but i used to be a speaker in member of events so in that particular events like in one of the aria event

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: that was run

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: by the disa user group by golacnotalso another cosespeaker like yeah go joseph so we both are delivering the sessions so after that particular session nijo and myself can connected and he thought like i would

[mark]: may

[venkata]: be the best person to get nominated for b b because of looking at my contribution and all so he nominated me along but as so it went so

[mark]: i like

[venkata]: major

[mark]: it

[venkata]: joseph is also in a p

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: from maltarasian

[mark]: yeah yeah this is so good tell me if there was one feature that you could have added into power automat what would it be what one thing do you think you would want to add

[venkata]: m right so co presence that needs to be improvised more so that if it all two members are working on it in case if i wanted to quickly revert back to the previous version without directly going into the gut ben doing it so that would that was the one of the feature that i am expecting because many of the people came up came back to me and asked like how i can use this kind of thing just like in canvas abs i have the tree do undo feature and like here in borautomate also we are facing this thing is there the co presence is there other than just commenting can we also record the changes of the other person who has done that so that was one of the most sevated features from my side so that it will help really

[mark]: i like it i like it it's good you know i

[venkata]: yes

[mark]: finally have a list of things that i would like on my wish list as as well in becoming an n v p did

[venkata]: oh

[mark]: what

[venkata]: ah

[mark]: did you discover that you didn't know before being an m v p what was

[venkata]: yeah

[mark]: what surprised you once you were in the program

[venkata]: actually i was not surprised because i watched your vid on two thousand nineteen outubeooutube video like how to be we ended some benefits so

[mark]: nice

[venkata]: there i got the good exposure of what it will be there in the navy but what is that what the opportunity that i got

[mark]: oh

[venkata]: it right so to enter with the product groups and also to attend for the m v b summit to us to know and got astonished by looking at m okay what are the things that are coming but as well i cannot share it because of the n d so

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: the time waiting for it okay when it will come

[mark]: yes

[venkata]: so that i can

[mark]: yeah

[venkata]: officially them

[mark]: nice

[venkata]: along with my implementation in the projects

[mark]: nice just before this i was doing a podcast with somebody from microsoft and i said you know we've just had m v p summit and i've confused in my mind about what we can talk about what

[venkata]: uh

[mark]: so i'm gonna open a question i said i won't reveal anything but you need to tell me whether we could talk about this and i opened the question

[venkata]: yeah

[mark]: he was like no i can't see anything at this time and i'm like good we're clear because we find out so much stuff right at the m v p summit is amazing

[venkata]: yeah

[mark]: what recommendations do you have for other people that want that think that you know an m v p might be something that they would love to get what recommendations do you have for them

[venkata]: m so first thing i would say that to anyone p h if you get an m p title right it is a responsibility don't think it is an okay just like other certification and the first common thing and may be by looking at most of the people says that okay how can i get the certification so as it will some time for me to explain them what is this and so for any person to start coming into the nvbrote you start contributing okay you start contributing through the community and spread whatever the things that you are aware of it so that it will reach to the of people who are waiting for all these things so that was the first thing resisting into the community and attend any kind of other metus if you have any

[mark]: oh

[venkata]: issues of knowing which mat ups are happening i am maintaining a special page in my blog which will give you on to date what are all the matups that are present so they can easily go and join it this is all i used to and i used to guide the people and i am doing now as well

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Venkata Subbarao Polisetty

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty is a Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, presently working as Lead Software Engineer at EPAM. He is currently leading the D365 Champs User Group from Hyderabad Region contributing to Microsoft as a community contribution. Having 12+ years of experience in Asp.Net, C#, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, Power automate and Power BI, Portals, Unified Service Desk, Infobasic, T24, Python and a Power Platform Architect and Azure Architect as well and certified in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2016, Dynamics 365 CE. Also, he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).