Stefano Demiliani on The MVP Show

Stefano Demiliani on The MVP Show

Stefano Demiliani
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Learn more about Stefano Demiliani's life.  
  • Describes how great his country of origin is  
  • Talks about his career journey – his role and responsibilities  
  • Stefano talks about the things he does when he is not working and his hobbies.  
  • A discussion about the area and his involvement with Dynamics 365  
  • Stefano shares his journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • Shares stories about his interest in writing IT books  
  • How he managed to write a book  
  • In what way has the MVP Program affected Stefano's career  
  • How Stefano prepares for events like public speaking as part of the MVP Program 
  • How the COVID19 crisis affected his work and his daily life 

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Stefano Demiliani

Stefano Demiliani is a Microsoft MVP in Business Applications, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, a certified Azure solution architect and DevOps Engineer, and a long-time expert on different Microsoft technologies.

He has a master's degree in computer engineering from Politecnico di Torino. He works as a CTO for EID/Navlab (one of the main Microsoft partners in Italy), where his main activities are architecting and developing enterprise solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Azure cloud services, and all Microsoft's technology stack.

Stefano is a trainer for Microsoft and a speaker at many IT conferences around Europe. He has worked with Packt Publishing on many top sellers of IT books, and he's actually the moderator of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community for the ERP topics (he was recognized as one of the top world influencers for Microsoft Dynamics).