Shane Young on The MVP Show

Shane Young on The MVP Show

Shane Young
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Shane Young’s origin
  • A brief introduction to Shane’s life and family background
  • What Shane does when not working 
  • How the COVID19 crisis-affected Shane’s everyday life 
  • A discussion about the books Shane wrote  
  • Shane shares his experience in writing books 
  • A conversation about Shane’s YouTube channel and his journey 
  • Shane’s advice to people who are considering creating a YouTube channel 
  • Technologies, software and tools Shane use during recording setup 
  • The rules Shane follows in producing videos 
  • Discusses Shane’s involvement with Power Platform – advantages and disadvantages 
  • Advice to people who are wanting to be part of the MVP program and in this industry 

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Shane Young

Shane Young is a SharePoint enthusiast and Microsoft MVP for the past 15 years and was named one of the first PowerApps and Flow MVPs from Cincinnati, Ohio. With 20 years of network administration, he specializes in SharePoint infrastructure, search, design, and problem-solving. With 13 years of SharePoint under his belt, he finds the world is a better place because of SharePoint. Shane has a crazy career in SharePoint. He started by doing consulting and training. Later he started a company called SharePoint911 that grew to be a major force in the industry. After eight years of life, the company was acquired by Rackspace Hosting. After four fun-filled years at Rackspace Shane is now back to starting companies.