Scott LeFante on the MVP Show

Scott LeFante on the MVP Show

Scott LeFante
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Tracing Scott’s family roots and ancestry
  • Being a wine aficionado – enjoying a bottle of wine and a meal or relaxing, joining classes and clubs  
  • Starting journey as an MVP and a former Microsoft employee 
  • Enjoying sharing ideas and expertise with the community 
  • Trying to make use of the entire Power Platform 
  • Building an app on top of utilizing Dynamics data and being able to use it on a mobile device 
  • IoT and use cases and Field Service 
  • Pitching Dynamics 365 against Salesforce and Oracle CRM 
  • Microsoft investing in Dynamics 365 and how far it has gotten 
  • Seeing the value in linking projects, cases and work orders all together 
  • Having patience at work and in raising children 
  • The importance of working hard to reach your goals 


Resources Mentioned:

Field Service -
PowerApps -
Canvas apps -


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Scott LeFante

Scott LeFante is an experienced CRM IT professional with over 20 years of experience managing and developing CRM solutions. Currently a Solution Architect for Dynamics 365 at Hitachi Solutions. He is responsible for successfully delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 projects, fostering ongoing relationships within the customer base, CRM team management and support.