PowerApps Governance and the art of Story Telling with Sameer Bhangar

PowerApps Governance and the art of Story Telling with Sameer Bhangar

Sameer Bhangar


  • A brief introduction about Sameer’s life – Current City in Seattle, Washington, Hometown in Mumbai, Maharashtra 
  • What he does when he’s not working 
  • Sameer’s passion for writing poems and storytelling 
  • Introduction to Simple Intentions 
  • His involvement with Pathwise Leadership program 
  • Sameer’s story on his exciting journey and his experiences in Microsoft 
  • Introduction to French National Railway, SNCF 
  • Functions and best practices to establish a Centre of Excellence 
  • Responsibilities of Centre of Excellence that typically falls into four buckets 
  • Introduction to PowerApps Admin Connectors 
  • The implementation of PowerApps Governance 
  • Sameer’s role as part of Customer Advisory Team. 
  • Relationship of CAT to PowerApps and CDM 
  • Understanding Centre of Excellence and how does it translate to Microsoft 
  • Lauren Taylor and Manuela Pichler 


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Sameer BhangarProfile Photo

Sameer Bhangar

Sameer Bhangar is the Principal Program Manager on the Power CAT team at Microsoft, formerly known as the PowerApps and Flow Customer Success team. He has 20+ years of experience in the software industry building products, builder customer relationships and advising organizations on their digital adoption journey with new platforms from Microsoft. He has spoken at various Microsoft events like Ignite, TechSummit, TechReady, and Microsoft Business Applications Summit.

After his participation in the Pathwise Leadership program, in 2012 Sameer joined the faculty to co-teach leadership cohorts and offered 1:1 advising to managers and leaders. In 2015 he joined Simple Intentions to teach awareness as a business skill and foster a greater sense of community and empathy in the workplace. Sameer is committed to helping managers and leaders increase the level of trust, understanding and connection within teams. This year, Sameer is excited to be hosting the PowerApps customer stories track at the Business Applications Summit for a second time.

Sameer has been an integral part of most of the success stories on Microsoft PowerApps customer stories. He is passionate about storytelling and believes that when you bring together passionate individuals with inspiring ideas and diverse perspectives, and remove barriers to innovation, it creates a sense of community and magic that we all want to be a part of.