Michael Ochs on the MVP Show

Michael Ochs on the MVP Show

Michael Ochs
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • What it's like living in a transient community
  • Explore his love for blue crabs
  • Road to becoming an MVP
  • Creating tools and bots for Dynamics 365
  • Use cases for bots inside of Dynamics 365
  • LUIS and bots
  • Understanding the value and potential of bots
  • Discussing the power of Snapshot as a tool inside Dynamics 365
  • Building his own company after 13 years of working for a company
  • Enjoying the flexibility and learning since starting his own business

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Michael Ochs

Michael Ochs is a Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Developer and Evangelist. I have over 15 years of CRM Software Development experience and 12 years of MS Dynamics CRM/365 Development experience. I build add-ons for Dynamics 365 and speak extensively via webinars, training, local user groups and schools. I am also a regular speaker at Dynamics 365 industry events.