Mergers and Acquisitions with Linda Rose

Mergers and Acquisitions with Linda Rose

Linda Rose


  • A brief introduction about Linda Rose’s family and career background 
  • Talks about Linda’s hobbies and what she does when not working 
  • A discussion about Linda’s involvement with mergers and acquisitions   
  • Linda’s story about the businesses she has created 
  • The key things Linda did to position these businesses to be acquired 
  • What a successful business owner should do to be considered attractive in an acquisition 
  • The 8-key evaluation a business owner should know 
  • Recommendations Linda have for Microsoft Partners who want to grow an acquirable business 
  • A conversation about how Linda’s book came about 
  • Linda shares her thoughts with business owners who are in selling motion 
  • The process and how business owners should prepare in selling their company 
  • Talks about Linda’s journey in writing a book 
  • The lessons learnt from writing a book 
  • Linda’s process in writing a book  
  • Find out Linda’s technique in writing a book 
  • Target audience with Linda’s most recent book  


Books Mentioned

Linda Rose’s Book: Get Acquired for Millions 


Rosebizinc Resources Page:


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Linda Rose

Linda Rose is the founder and creator of multiple financial and technology companies. Her passion for selling technology companies, the innovation of services and the integrity of doing business has given her the privilege to serve on various advisory councils and groups. Linda enjoys consulting with business owners who are preparing their company to be acquired or merged. In addition to that, she is internationally recognized as an advisor, speaker, book or article author and expert in the IT Consulting & Services industry. When not working, Linda enjoys spending time in nature either backpacking, skiing, biking and kayaking.