Matt Beard on The MVP Show

Matt Beard on The MVP Show

Matt Beard
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A conversation about Matt Beard’s life – origin, family and hobbies 
  • Matt’s view about the ISV in the modern world of Microsoft 
  • Matts interest in the modern ISV 
  • What is Data8 – what do they do in Microsoft Business Applications
  • Common industries they work with? 
  • How do they handle international customers? 
  • How did Matt get into technology and get involved in the community? 
  • User group in London Matt enjoyed working with 
  • Introduction to 
  • Find out more about WHAT3WORDS 
  • Matt’s journey and the process of becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • What Matt is looking forward to 


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Matt Beard

Matt Beard is a full-time .NET full stack developer with a wide range of understanding across all sorts of technologies. He is currently working for Data8. Whilst he works across all sorts of technologies and platforms, he has a particular passion for what was formerly known as Dynamics CRM, although recently it’s expanding out into the Power Platform and the Microsoft first-party apps such as Customer Engagement. Matt spent a lot of his time tinkering, learning and bettering himself with the amazing, ever-growing technology available. He is proud to be a quick learner and willing to try his hand at almost anything.