Maptaskr GIS Software and Operating an ISV with Dave Newman

Maptaskr GIS Software and Operating an ISV with Dave Newman

Dave Newman


  • Dave’s professional journey – moving from the UK to Australia and establishing a startup company 
  • Overview of the software Maptaskr 
  • Creating geospatial information software, Maptaskr 
  • Maptaskr data collection and processing, industries that use the app, and use cases 
  • How businesses can use data with intelligence to create future business models 
  • How artificial intelligence plays a role in developing Maptaskr 
  • Practical applications of Maptaskr, combining external data set with customer data 
  • How frequently Maptaskr can pull an update from a satellite 
  • Data collection from satellites and drones and leveraging data 
  • Customers that are currently using Maptaskr 
  • What it means to be a software startup ISV 
  • Key roles put in place in the team as he established started to ramp up their technology 
  • Key things that make up a successful ISV – raising capital, building channels to market, selling the technology 
  • Why they chose to partner with Microsoft 
  • Addressing customer support across the globe 

Books Mentioned

“Zero to One” by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters –


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Dave Newman

David Newman is a highly skilled digital innovator with over 20 years of experience in digital business and software design and build. Dave is a tech entrepreneur who co-founder Maptaskr, a business that specialises in using Location Intelligence for Microsoft Technologies. Leveraging the latest AI, big data and data science to abstract hidden insight using locational/spatial components of enterprise data allows businesses to gain the edge, find new business and reduce operational costs.

Dave comes from a technology background where he won UK Systems Professional of the Year at the UK IT Industry awards and plays an active role in the WA Startup scene where he is the organiser of WA's largest (and recognised nationally as Australia's 4th most influential) tech startup community – Morning Startup. He also founded the ‘Not for Profit' Ministry of Data last year. Its mission is to take on problems from within Government and have them solved by the innovative community using data to view that the solutions could potentially become businesses.

He has an extensive skill set as a software designer, solution architect, digital architecture, Vanguard Enterprise Architecture, software development, business analysis, system/infrastructure rollout, software introduction or re-engineering, specialising in mobile & web-based platform solutions and software design/integration. He also holds key stakeholder experience, is a keen influencer and considers himself a confident, logical thinker with strong analytical and leadership skills and an excellent communicator who works well under pressure.