Keith Whatling on the MVP Show

Keith Whatling on the MVP Show

Keith Whatling
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Keith Whatling’s background – where he lives, career background and how long he's been an MVP 
  • Charles Lamanna’s tweet about Keith Whatling 
  • What he does with PowerApps and how he started with PowerApps 
  • His thoughts on becoming an MVP 
  • Value of being an MVP to their career 
  • Passion for the community and focus around the technology area 
  • Explains what a PowerApps Champion Program is – what the App for the community 
  • Criteria on becoming a Consultant 
  • How special the PowerApps Champion Program is to Keith Whatling 
  • Requirements in becoming an MVP 
  • Discusses how PowerApps Champion program is also about Adoption & Governance
  • How he feels being part of the MVP Group 
  • The key person for him to join the Microsoft side and Keith’s view on the Champion Program 
  • Keith’s view on what he thinks needs to happen for the MVP Program to be modernized 
  • His struggles in finding meaning in the world of MVP 
  • Celebrities he follows on the news 


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Keith Whatling

Keith Whatling is an experienced analyst with a demonstrated history of award-winning innovation in transportation. He has a wealth of experience from digital content creation and data analysis to Microsoft's Power Platform, using PowerApps and Flow to drive digital transformation. Recently, he was awarded MVP status by Microsoft.

In addition to being a PowerApps MVP and one of the earliest or best PowerApps developers, Keith Whatling also started one of the first PowerApps user groups on the planet, recently recognized as one of the best. He can hold his own with Python, VBA and have some C# experience.