Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah on The MVP Show

Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah on The MVP Show

Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Discussions about Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah’s life and background 
  • A conversation about moving from India to the Netherlands   
  • Talks about working with people from different culture and how he managed to work with native English speakers. 
  • Kamal’s area of specialization and the Microsoft product he is mainly working with 
  • Learn the use of Dataverse in Dynamics Human Resources 
  • Integration between Dynamics Human Resources and LinkedIn Talent hub 
  • What is LinkedIn Talent hub? 
  • Talks about Kamal’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • What does MVP mean to Kamal and what made him want to be part of the MVP Program? 

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Kamal Kolar RadhakrishnaiahProfile Photo

Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah

Kamal Kolar Radhakrishnaiah is the HR Solutions Architect at Action. A passionate Human Resources technology professional with a focus on driving digital HR transformation. He is capable of delivering measurable return on investment of the Digital HR Transformation efforts such as:

- Optimized and efficient HR Processes
- Enhanced employee experience
- Analytics and Business Intelligence based decision making
- One source of truth for global HR data
- Efficient global rollout and migration strategy