Josh Cook on The MVP Show

Josh Cook on The MVP Show

Josh Cook
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Introduction to Power Virtual Agents. 
  • A discussion about the use cases Josh had seen with Power Virtual Agents. 
  • Josh’s thoughts about why people and organizations should use Power Virtual Agents. 
  • Discusses the benefits of using Power Virtual Agents. 
  • Talks about the features available in Power Virtual Agents. 
  • How and when did Josh start to have an interest in technology? 
  • A conversation about Josh’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Josh’s involvement and contributions to the MVP community. 
  • What did Josh discover after becoming a Microsoft MVP? 
  • Where Josh got his social media name FlowAltDelete and how did it come about? 

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Josh Cook

Josh Cook is a Microsoft MVP in Business Applications and works as an Integration Developer at Inter Pipeline. He is known to be the Power Automate community Rockstar. In addition to that, Josh has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge, blogging, and providing solutions on the Microsoft Community forum. Also, he loves learning new techniques and technologies to better himself and the business.