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As a strategic technology leader, Marco Farina is a professional with performance-based leadership and knowledge of private and public sector business and IT systems. His experience includes leading information services for large-scale organizations while serving different organizations. His experience includes directing systems and programs for the financial market and e-procurement, telecommunications and healthcare.

He has provided IT leadership for multiple organizations and transformed operational processes; managed senior teams of highly integrated technical professionals, managed systems applications architectures and infrastructure while serving internal and direct customers. Marco's experience includes enterprise systems strategy for information systems development, technology management for applications development, support center and multifunctional operations command center management, emerging technologies development.

Passionate about agile principles, cultures that foster innovation and collaboration, user feedback guiding user experience and fast turnaround of value to increase ROI.

Today Marco drives logo (, a disruptive company, born and fully conceived to guide companies in the process of uncompromising digital transformation, fully cloud-oriented, enabling new opportunities, cost optimizer and stimulus for new ways of Work.

Years of experience in agile methodologies and innovative approaches to change management will enable Logol's customer companies to perform a digital transformation quickly, with tangible results and with ensured ROI.


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