EY Kalman on The MVP Show

EY Kalman on The MVP Show

EY Kalman
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • EY Kalman’s area of specialization as a Solutions Architect – the right tool for the right job 
  • Talks about EY’s thoughts about Omnichannel – the future and how customers are adopting it. 
  • How Omnichannel operates now – things you can and can’t do
  • An overview of what an Omnichannel is.
  • Talks about the Microsoft Business Applications MVP community in the UK.
  • EY’s thoughts about becoming a Microsoft Business Applications MVP.
  • Talks about the benefits and advantages of becoming a Microsoft MVP.
  • A discussion about EY’s plans
  • What excites EY the most when it comes to technology in the next 12months. 

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EY KalmanProfile Photo

EY Kalman

EY Kalman is an experienced Dynamics 365 & Power Platform solution architect with over a decade of experience, ranging from end-users to enterprise-scale implementations. Delivering across the entire project lifecycle, his approach is to use the right tooling for the task at hand, utilising the different capabilities that the platform provides.

An accomplished blogger, as well as hosting a weekly interview series with guests from across the global technical community, EY is passionate about how organisations can really be empowered & enabled with the right approach to proper customer service, which can make all the difference for organisations in saturated markets.

Somewhat addicted to taking Microsoft exams, he is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and loves helping people skill up and understand how the different capabilities can help them achieve their aims and goals.