Denis Macchinetti on The MVP Show

Denis Macchinetti on The MVP Show

Denis Macchinetti
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Denis Macchinetti talks about life in Italy 
  • COVID19 in Italy at the moment 
  • Things people can do in Milan, best food and places to visit 
  • A conversation about Denis’ career journey 
  • Discusses how Denis started having an interest in Dynamics 
  • The projects he worked on and his area of specialization 
  • Talks about ERP system status in Milan 
  • Denis’ journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • How Denis got nominated to the MVP Program – active in the community 
  • A discussion about how Denis spends his time as a modulator in Dynamics 
  • How Denis manages his time so he can continuously do blogging 
  • Becoming a Microsoft MVP, what is the impact on Denis’ career 
  • Recommendations and advice Denis can give to people wanting to join the MVP program 

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Denis Macchinetti

Denis Macchinetti is an ERP technical consultant with 25+ years of experience. In these years, he has a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. He also has experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.
Related to Dynamics AX, he has touched almost any software development aspect of the product, from technical consulting and training to the development of customer-specific enhancements, as well as standard add-on modules.

Also, he has worked on large scale projects for clients. He has addressed application functionality as well are more technical aspects like application integration, scaling and performance and software architecture. Denis has the culture to operate successfully in many different contexts. Finally, as a musician and producer of her own record, he has developed the capacity to think creatively and entrepreneurial. Lastly, he loves nature and mountains and a fan of the Regression Test journey!