Creating a PowerApps COE with Simon Owen

Creating a PowerApps COE with  Simon Owen

Simon Owen


  • Simon’s brief introduction about his life and what he does when he’s not working 
  • Talks about his educational and professional background 
  • How Simon started with the Power Platform 
  • Talks about his journey to GSK 
  • Discussion about what is GSK, who is GSK and his role on GSK 
  • Simon’s definition of Digital transformation 
  • Talks about the Power Automate and the Flows they built 
  • The key Flow they now depend on that builds on what they can consistently use in their organization 
  • Areas where they use Flow at present 
  • Talks about the next challenge they might deliver next year 
  • The important functions in Power Automate and building Flow for productivity 
  • The hero PowerApps they have right now that is the best example of their application 
  • The recommendation he can give to people on how they can get started in creating a COE inside an organization  
  • How they make sure that the Apps they are building are supportable by the organization long term 
  • Discusses how they manage the Governance, Digital guide rails and the Support infrastructure 
  • How did the Power Ranger Community in GSK come about? 
  • A discussion about the story behind the Power Ranger Community in GSK 
  • The impact of having individuals who are great in developing various products and how it changed the view of capabilities of those who are non-technologies and coming to power Platform 
  • The social tool they use so they can share information within the team which allows conversations to flow where people can learn 

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Simon Owen

Simon is a massive advocate for the Power Platform and since its introduction into GSK, a global healthcare company based in the UK, he's been championing it within GSK and building a network of champions who now number more than 1300 across 50+ countries and across all of GSK.

As well as within GSK he's been sharing his story of growing the group of ‘GSK Power (Platform) Rangers' he's shared his story at MBAS in Atlanta, across Microsoft, and with other companies and industries to inspire an innovative way of building capability, and changing people's roles and organization.