April Dunnam on The MVP Show

April Dunnam on The MVP Show

April Dunnam
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Personal background – living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the local food scene 
  • April's focus on the Microsoft Business Applications arena – PowerApps and Flow 
  • Has Flow replaced the former workflow tools that were in SharePoint? 
  • Professional background – working on InfoPath 
  • Thoughts on PowerApps and Flow replacing old InfoPath form 
  • How PowerApps compares to InfoPath around the native functionality to print a document, and thoughts on Microsoft addressing this issue 
  • The main thing that April thinks is necessary for the print functionality within PowerApps 
  • Experience attending the MVP Summit for the first time 
  • Building apps in Azure SQL and SharePoint 
  • Thoughts on Common Data Service playing into the future of what she does  
  • Being one of the MVPs that is also a business owner – about ThriveFast 
  • Her #1 tip for picking up customers for a consulting business 
  • The meaning behind her titles SharePoint Siren, Automation Princess, and Karaoke Queen 
  • Being a music fan and interests outside of singing 
  • Journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP, being mentored by Melissa Hubbard and other MVPs 
  • Where she sees PowerApps and Flow are going in the near future 
  • Thoughts on AI and where she thinks it is going and whether it’s going to impact our lives more 
  • Thoughts on how AI will affect her job or personal role 5 years from now – building the right code, understand business models, create new ways of looking at them and developing technology 
  • Training resources for somebody to get up to speed CDS and the model-driven side of things 
  • Advice to people become effective at public speaking and talking about IT-based topics 
  • Tips for public speaking – preparation, creating content, presentation/demo 

Books & Other Resources Mentioned  

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April Dunnam

April Dunnam is a process automation pro, collaboration tool enthusiast and karaoke queen. She's a woman who codes but is passionate about teaching others to build apps and automation with zero code. She feels very fortunate to have a job where she can make that happen every day as a Power Platform Advocate at Microsoft. This is a platform designed to help non-coders and coders alike build apps, solve their business problems, and grow their careers.

Before joining Microsoft, she was a consultant and Microsoft MVP where she found her passion for making technical videos on YouTube. You can find her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/aprildunnam. You can follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/aprildunnam and find her code samples on GitHub at https://github.com/aprildunnam