Amey Holden on the MVP Show

Amey Holden on the MVP Show

Amey Holden
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Amey’s thoughts about being an MVP 
  • The impact of COVID19 on Amey’s career  
  • What is it like being an MVP during the COVID19 pandemic 
  • A conversation about the world now   
  • The benefits of being an MVP on Amey’s career 
  • How being an MVP helps Amey in her current role? 
  • What MVP means Amey 
  • Amey’s view on what is Marketing Dynamics 365 right now 
  • Who are Marketing Dynamics 365 customers? 
  • The benefits Marketing Dynamics 365 can give the customers 
  • How powerful is Marketing right now? 
  • Discussions about the new ON24 virtual conference 
  • What people can expect about the ON24 virtual conference 

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Amey Holden

Amey Holden is passionate about extending and improving Dynamics Sales, Service & most importantly Marketing with the mighty Power Platform. She takes an ABC (Anything but Code) approach to her work, loves fixing things and enjoys making people's lives better or easier with technology. Also, Amey is a regular blogger, a LinkedIn profile pimper on YouTube and most sociable on LinkedIn with an occasional bit of Twitter-ing.