Allan De Castro on The MVP Show

Allan De Castro on The MVP Show

Allan De Castro
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A short introduction about Allan De Castro’s life – family, hobbies and country of origin 
  • A story about Allan’s journey into technology and how did it start 
  • Career and educational background of Allan 
  • What took him into the area of Microsoft Business Applications 
  • The type of work Allan is focused on right now 
  • Allan’s involvement and as a consultant 
  • Allan’s thoughts about AZURE Synapse and Dataverse - where are these two coming together? 
  • Talks about Allan’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP and the process involved. 
  • What made Allan start blogging and what was the impact? 
  • Allan’s involvement in the community 

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Allan De Castro

Allan De Castro is a Power Platform Technical Consultant - Microsoft Business Applications MVP. A graduate and holder of a master's degree in management and consulting in information systems from IAE Montpellier in partnership with Microsoft. Specializing in IT and Management, he decided to focus on the field of information system integration.

Having dual managerial skills in the field of science and technology, he acquired knowledge thus occupies two fields as vast and extensive as the other. Having a deep knowledge of IT, he turned to the profession of consultant in customer relationship management that deals with a subject that interests him enormously: how to solve a business problem by an IT solution? - which clearly demonstrates the challenges as well as the effort required to achieve this business / IT alignment while considering the human dimension of a project

During his professional experiences, he was able to quickly familiarize himself with Microsoft technologies through a first project to set up Dynamics CRM, but also the analysis of customer needs which allowed him to develop his relational skills, versatility and rigor. Since he has become more and more involved, he has shown a real passion for his job which has led him to start a blog, to speak at conferences as a speaker and to develop assets for the community.