What Can YOU Do for Ukraine? with Andrew Butenko, Oleksandr Olashyn and Olena Grischenko

What Can YOU Do for Ukraine? with Andrew Butenko, Oleksandr Olashyn and Olena Grischenko

Andrew Butenko, Oleksandr Olashyn and Olena Grischenko


  • An introduction about the Andrew, Oleksandr and Olena 
  • A conversation about the devastating war is happening in Ukraine 
  • Power Platform Show takes a special unusual route; lets the audience get a perspective of the Ukrainian people 
  • Andrew, Oleksandr and Olena answer the question of how people should get educated on what is going on in our world 
  • A very important note that if you want to understand what the truth is, you should check the Russian propaganda rights and just reverse everything 
  • What are the other kinds of practical things people can do now after listening to this and take action to provide results to help Ukraine? 
  • A very important conversation about deciding to make a difference  
  • How fundraising and other action can help people who are suffering in the Ukraine war.


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Andrew ButenkoProfile Photo

Andrew Butenko

Andrew (Andrii) Butenko, Technical Architect/Team Lead, Hitachi Solutions America, Business Applications Microsoft MVP since 2010. Kyiv, Ukraine, born and raised, for last 5 years lives and works in Greenville, SC, USA.

Olena GrischenkoProfile Photo

Olena Grischenko

As a solution architect and developer, Olena Grischenko loves solving problems. Her passion for technology helps her to find the best solutions to help people and improve their lives. She has been working with Microsoft technologies for the past 20 years. Also, she entered the Dynamics 365 world 15 years ago to watch it transformed into the diverse and magnificent world of Business Applications and Power Platform.

Being grateful for the support and mentoring from her teachers and peers for many years, she is happy to give back to the community. Today, she spends her free from work blogging, organizing events and groups, speaking and training people to understand technologies better. Recently, she has changed her career to working as an independent consultant and looking forward to running her own company in 2020.

In addition to that, Olena is always open to new projects and opportunities.

Oleksandr OlashynProfile Photo

Oleksandr Olashyn

Oleksandr Olashyn is a Power Platform and Dynamics 365 developer from Ukraine (currently living in Poland). He is a Microsoft Biz Apps MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer. The main focus areas are Power Apps Portals, PCF and D365 development in general. He really likes coding, dancing and sharing knowledge, which is why his personal blog is called dancingwithcrm.