User Adoption and Change Management – Tabetha Sheaver

User Adoption and Change Management – Tabetha Sheaver

Tabetha Sheaver


  • Outline of Adoption and Change Management
  • Key steps when planning a Dynamics implementation to maximize
  • The psychology behind User Adoption
  • Effective KPI’s
  • Difficult Adoption programs
  • Resources for Adoption and Change Management
  • Advice for implementing User Adoption and Change Management
  • Measuring the success of Adoption with Dynamics 365

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Tabetha Sheaver

Tabetha Sheaver is the creator of the Plus Delta 314 User Adoption methodology and workshops. After years of consulting and coaching individuals and companies on how to implement CRM, her passion for understanding the “why” lead her to a deep study of psychology and alternative methods of driving change, such as neurolinguistics programming. Combining “self-help” change theories with real-world business challenges, she has helped hundreds of users feel empowered in their business and personal lives.

She leads the CRM practice, Cloud Nine Solutions, A PA Group Company, specializing in the execution of well designed, industry-specific solutions using CRM; but, in her spare time, follows her passion for inspiring positive change and driving user adoption.

Tabetha holds a Project Management Professional certification and is a member of the International Federation of Coaches, as well as a leader of the local CRM user group community in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a much sought-after workshop leader, drawing on her personal experience from working directly on hundreds of CRM and technology change initiatives.

As a coach, she has delivered practical yet innovative tips on how to motivate and identify barriers to change. Having experienced many of the pitfalls that most CRM project teams experience, she is able to proactively communicate what to expect to assist people in mitigating risk and prepare their people for the change. Tabetha also frequently speaks at corporate events and at leading industry conferences such as CRMUG Summit.