Ulrik Breval Carlsson on The MVP Show

Ulrik Breval Carlsson on The MVP Show

Ulrik Breval Carlsson
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet Ulrik Breval Carlsson - the CRM Chart Guy 
  • Ulrik’s involvement with Power BI 
  • A conversation about the issues in Power BI at present 
  • The solutions to fix technical issues under Power BI 
  • The benefits being a Microsoft MVP 
  • Ulrik’s origin story – originally from Denmark 
  • Personal and Career background of Ulrik 
  • How Ulrik started having an interest in CRM 
  • What took Ulrik a long time to consider the MVP Program 
  • A discussion about Ulrik’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • The processes involved in joining the MVP Program 
  • Advice or recommendations to people who want to become a Microsoft MVP 

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Ulrik Breval CarlssonProfile Photo

Ulrik Breval Carlsson

Ulrik Breval Carlsson, originally from Denmark, now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP dedicated to increasing efficiency in business processes and optimizing CRM charts and dashboards for better insights and happier clients.