Uday Adhikari on The MVP Show

Uday Adhikari on The MVP Show

Uday Adhikari
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Uday Adhikari’s life – family, country of origin, favourite food, and what he does when not working. 
  • Uday’s story about moving from Nepal to the USA to do his master's degree 
  • Uday shares his story about how he got involved in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 
  • Talks about Uday’s journey into the Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Discussion about Uday’s SharePoint background 
  • With all the tool sets available in Power Platform, where does Uday specializes in? 
  • A discussion about Uday’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Uday talks about his MVP Nomination 


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[mark]: today's guest is from austin texas in the united states he works for a censure as a senior manager in business integration architecture is in a second yearabenan n v p that's totally so he's one of the leaders of the austin user group you can find them on twitter at day you do how do you say your last name

[uday_adhikari]: adhikari

[mark]: adhikari there you go I meant to ask you that before we started welcome to the show adhikari

[uday_adhikari]: Thank you thanks for having me mark

[mark]: good to have you on and and you know to meet somebody new in the community i find is always an absolute buzz to find out about you and your journey before we get into your text and you m v p story and things like that tell us a bit about your family

[uday_adhikari]: some yeah absolutely i would love to share that so i'm originally from nepaul currently

[mark]: wow

[uday_adhikari]: residing in yeah in paul capmandu

[mark]: i love that place

[uday_adhikari]: their song mountains right everything lots of small country

[mark]: i love it

[uday_adhikari]: some awesome and then i've been living in austin for came here for actually masters in order to come to you and say that's the easiest way right at the back back in the old days coming with a job now is easier but like twenty twenty five years ago i know i'm kind of out dating myself here and but it's okay it's all right it's all good you get wiser as you get older so i believe

[mark]: totally agreed

[uday_adhikari]: in that for sure so i came about twenty two years ago to do my master's and then i had uncle here in austin and like hey this place is kind of getting crazy you should come here i came here and just started working for a company and then dressed the history and so i got married here met my wife she's also from nepal and we have two kids

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: and that keeps us busy so

[mark]: i bet oh

[uday_adhikari]: definitely lots of fun

[mark]: when we think about nipeli's food your favorite what would it be

[uday_adhikari]: yeah

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: glad you asked that there's a type of dumplings that you make it's you ground meat with lots of spices and then you wrap around like a trot right that we

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: call rode back home and so they called they're

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: called mammies mammas and they are delices i mean you can make as you can make began you can make me i prefer me but

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: they are super testy

[mark]: sounds

[uday_adhikari]: and my wife and my wife mixed them so those are the so my kids also love love them so it's it's it's definitely fun

[mark]: so are they kind of fried or are they boiled how they done the final

[uday_adhikari]: sure

[mark]: finish

[uday_adhikari]: you could do both you could we usually do steam and then we

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: have like a chutney like sauce you put on top so steam but then also sometimes the if you're tired of eating steam mamas and then you just you steam first and then then you fry

[mark]: nice nice do you do in nipoli's food is it traditionally very spicy is there a lot of spire as want say

[uday_adhikari]: yeah

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: right right it's very similar to indian kind of culture a lot of the food the year you find lot of similarities in their type the rice the big portion of the meal right so lots of carp and then and then they also have like a lentil like a soup and the spice wise it all varies i would say more on the mild side than more on the spicy side

[mark]: yeah yeah yeah makes sense makes sense m yeah just getting hungry here thinking about it

[uday_adhikari]: i know right

[mark]: when when you're not when you're not working what do you do for fun outside family

[uday_adhikari]: yeah i'm not working you know my kids are super active they play socker where rest of the world even back then i used to call football but now i have to kind of blend here so i call a sucker they're very they play at a company level even though they are very young they play at a club level

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: and so definitely that keeps us busy all the time then lately i got to do something for myself too and so i picked up road biking race road road baking with a smaller wheel three or four years ago and i'm training for a ride which it's actually for fund raising also end of this month and that

[mark]: okay

[uday_adhikari]: keeps us keeps me busy on basically family then a little bit

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: of bike ride

[mark]: nice send us the link for that bike ride and

[uday_adhikari]: sure

[mark]: so that you know if you're fund raising someone wants to help out and perhaps they could do that and

[uday_adhikari]: well

[mark]: we'll

[uday_adhikari]: do

[mark]: put it in the show notes

[uday_adhikari]: awesome

[mark]: tell me about you know you talked about coming to do the us to do your masters did it was that straight away in the area of technology computers that type of thing or what was your need ultimately to to now in microsoft power platform space how did you get here

[uday_adhikari]: absolutely thank you for asking that actually i mean to kind of share this so when i was growing up i was sort of i would say that i'm lucky in a sense that even though i was grown bar my dad never left left the country he was more there but my from my my uncles they were already here in the us they came in like forty forty five years ago and so they were constantly they will come and they guided me and they would say dude you've got to do this this is kind of getting better eventually i know you were coming here so focus on computers and so early on in the call even though i'm from nepaul ere i went to india to do my engineering undergrad

[mark]: right

[uday_adhikari]: so and from there came here for my masters and they kind of helped me short of little bit easier made it easier for me because i already knew what i wanted to do down the road right so my sort of i had already seen the path where i wanted to be and it made it easier constantly i'm just suiting for that kind of building on top of that right okay i'm getting closer i'm getting closer okay i'm here now what and so that's how i kind of started

[mark]: nice and so you know when i ask people how do they get involved in microsoft dynamics three six five or the power platform there's kind of like a pervital point and might have been a project was assigned or something like what's your pivotal point

[uday_adhikari]: so my background is let me talk a little bit about my background so in the initial days i was doing a lot of web developed and using classic s p ja script like basically using a note pad right and then from and then moved on to doted so pre dip i have a prod background on my christo reports early in the early days i definitely wrote a bung of christal reports access applications then slowly kind of moved over to share point logical feet i found that share point was and so s p s three point

[mark]: yes

[uday_adhikari]: two point the zero point frame or which lately now right and before you would have to do and assist all the foundation not

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: the sort the server version and i'm gonna know i'm mixing it up but

[mark]: no no

[uday_adhikari]: that

[mark]: no i remember it

[uday_adhikari]: i background so share point two thousand three when we customized very heavily you remember the recyclebein

[mark]: yeah

[uday_adhikari]: wasn't there up until mass right was his zero point two thousand seven so we actually wrote a custom too to get that item that you need from a back up so when it was there people don't understand how big that recycle and what his feature was right when he was announced when he was deployed wo that solves a lot of problems right the headache go find the tape back it up pycholect and find that one item then surface it into wherever it needs to go to this is not the version i was looking for do again like the cycle lots of that time right you do people don't realize the benefit that one recycle been had a big impact on how business that works so build on that and then yeah the pipltopoint for me was i used to work for company here in ausbestin austin rezar used to work to where

[mark]: oh yeah

[uday_adhikari]: reirezadoran is still there and he was also share point and i was also doing share point his and houston i mean asked him every once in a while we'll have some collaboration then all of a sudden i was like hey parplarfor me is really good you should learn i'm the only one here unless big back and just grow this business within the company and then a yeah sure what is it saw me and then he at that time he had already done been like two four five months or so and anything he wanted to kind of try out would try different things like obviously if you collaborate you learn faster right so it was definitely he's basically got me into power platform and then my boss was like we have a project as coming up you need to go to houston and go into appin a day and come back and then monday wednesday you go up in a day in houston and thursday or friday you learn whatever you want to learn monday you're going to a client like seriously

[mark]: well

[uday_adhikari]: that's pretty kind of embasius but you know what sure put me i'll go there i'll learn i'll come back luckily reza was there to kind of help me out and so with him on that project and learn a lot from him obviously i still do we try to keep keep in touch and then rest ce history jump that was back in the thousand eighteen

[mark]: well yeah

[uday_adhikari]: i when i kind of jumped into share point an srpoinasens

[mark]: that is

[uday_adhikari]: part platform

[mark]: yeah power that's that's that's a phenomenal story and great to see another member of the community helping you in

[uday_adhikari]: absolutely

[mark]: that path you know from res that's that's that's great such a good story what area you know the power platform is such a big thing right and it's it's always growing always expanding we get our you know two wave releases each year with new features functionality dropping in all the tool sets that you have available kind of what area do you specialize in any particular area or you just broadly across everything

[uday_adhikari]: i am so it comes in cycle one area i focus heavily and then and step out and say okay what do we need to do because they all have interconnected right you cannot just

[mark]: correct

[uday_adhikari]: stay in one and you cannot be an expert you cannot claim that because you would be missing out it needs to be done in a combination right you may need power as in power power as and power automat always there might be an opportunity for p b a portal is the only one that i have not played a lot in the beginning i did but other things there are so many things that needs to be like a r p within power auto right that's another big that i kind of go in and a pretty deep down there

[mark]: okay so you go deep in pa okay so this is gonna be good is gonna be good because

[uday_adhikari]: sure

[mark]: tell me what just give me three use cases with specifically don't tell me who the customer is or anything like that but tell me what the what the the what were you harvesting from what was the system right because it's obviously a system within our out on a p i and of course a website could be that system but tell me give me three use cases what were they and how o

[uday_adhikari]: sure

[mark]: use our pa just a high level and the outcomes

[uday_adhikari]: yea this is not i mean previous from previous companies experience is one is you know how the warrant cars you have to claim the guarantee and actually let me let me take a step back on that one i'll do the salves car first when the car is salva like damaged and people have to submit proof the car itself is are not there are publicly availevel three or four sites any time cars are vehicles ourselves they go into somehow there is a entity that gathers data and puts it in the public i mean for everyone to see so what we did a part of that was and then with a vin number in the u s a that you can identify vehicle right ah like a personal identify each vehicle will have the identify called ben number and so you plug that in and so somebody is claiming that this vehicle was salve and then we can use that in number go into that website search for the in number and there will be bunch of images that you find and using a builder you go and find the number and you match it and say oh this this vehicle what the salt is this is fraud and alert set right so we cannot

[mark]: right

[uday_adhikari]: pay

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: pay any payment on it that was one another under financial system was it's every day basically this loan officer would come and see what they will look at their account to see what accounts are over do pass you write this some basically excalation type they were spending i don't know seven ten minutes every day and so while instead of that we're just automat using r p a then see for each loan officer let's say a hundred you're saving hundred times seven seven hundred minutes and down to maybe

[mark]: well

[uday_adhikari]: thirty seconds they can scan so they

[mark]: well

[uday_adhikari]: don't have to look at all of the customers they only have to look at the one that we accept right i mean excalation and then then trigger trigger and email or whatever the finish to be

[mark]: so the system you was that just like a bespoke application that you know that you were scraping that information from was it like

[uday_adhikari]: the first one

[mark]: a well known was it an oracle

[uday_adhikari]: was web

[mark]: solution or you know something else

[uday_adhikari]: the first one was obviously web basically you can call a head toward

[mark]: i was

[uday_adhikari]: scraping

[mark]: aware yepyepyepyep

[uday_adhikari]: but it is what it is right under the second

[mark]: totally

[uday_adhikari]: one was a legacy system there is the lawn origination system right there's a couple of different systems of integration

[mark]: right

[uday_adhikari]: were there

[mark]: that's so cal cycle i love that i love the practicality of of what you're talking about that it was you know and often i find r p a outcomes are around saving heaps of time right as about

[uday_adhikari]: absolutely

[mark]: productivity massive improvement i like

[uday_adhikari]: absolutely

[mark]: it tell me about becoming an mvp

[uday_adhikari]: so i would say i wouldn't say i started being from nepaul when i came in maybe technically i was good but language was right i didn't fit in because i didn't talk this language this is not my mother tone

[mark]: correct

[uday_adhikari]: i learned i went to english medium but it is more on the british side even on the british side my english sister i still at work i still have to work hard to to make it better every day right so the tone the style wasn't for me and so it would be hard for me you understand it would be hard for me for them to understand me right away both ways so early on since i was on the donat interested i would go to called austin at no austin dot use a group two thousand one early early on

[mark]: well

[uday_adhikari]: i would just go

[mark]: yeah yeah

[uday_adhikari]: i would say you know what this is apparently new i want to learn and i want to network with other people to see for job opportunities right they're looking so i would go there i would sit in the back and i would not say word listen i probably understood twenty person of it technical side i did but again these are use meetings and they are talking and i would probably understand twenty third person of it and come back and then okay i'm going to go next month also and i'm going to ask one question whatever it is people will laugh if it's a stupid question whatever it is i'm gonna i have to i have to stand up i have to ask one question build my confidence nothing it happen for three or four months five months and finally i said i'm not answering asking any questions i'm not going home i told myself

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: and then i

[mark]: i like

[uday_adhikari]: just

[mark]: it

[uday_adhikari]: asked one whatever i don't even know what a question was that it could be like hey when is the next event or something right i don't care i don't care

[mark]: exactly

[uday_adhikari]: what it was i just wanted to talk and so started that way and then slowly kind of when in i said hey how can i help not that from the presenting side of it but any other like maybe there is an administrative side of it right that way i get to talk with more people i can build my confidence so slowly it slowly started doing that and then pressed forward to ten twenty twelve share point i was very involved we helped host like sarpint saturdays was big back in the

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: days

[mark]: that's

[uday_adhikari]: we

[mark]: right

[uday_adhikari]: posted

[mark]: i remember

[uday_adhikari]: a couple

[mark]: the

[uday_adhikari]: of those helped the car pointer meeting presented and the first thing that i did was lightening talk because it not an hour long our fifteen minutes ning top would give a good opportunity for anyone who wants to go and talk right for so anyone listening if you are kind of si or if you're kind of afraid about talking for an hour just speak a topic talk for five ten minutes

[mark]: yep

[uday_adhikari]: have a few slides and then out right kind of that's how i build my confidence not like who i loved it i can do this right i had that and then then i started presenting huger groups and kind of coasted multiple events

[mark]: and i take it out of that you got nominated and got awarded

[uday_adhikari]: yeah

[mark]: the mvp

[uday_adhikari]: so nomination was back in in the last company before censure i was doing basically i was traveling everywhere and i was doing up in a day whole bunch and in the community perhaps community use us call i was responding to an like answer questions right and then constantly getting involved and also charles chuck starlings is the one who kind of nominated me

[mark]: nice

[uday_adhikari]: and the day i still remember it was july twenty first or twenty second twenty twenty and i was just working a little bit late at the time and then saw this email and i screamed right i was not expecting anything out of the blue i see this nomination i baby scream for like five minutes my family where all my wife kids where what happened what happened are you okay are you okay like yes this is what happened so that was i mean man it was the happy day for sure

[mark]: amazing right awesome thank you so much for coming on the show and telling your story

[uday_adhikari]: sure absolutely

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Uday Adhikari

Uday Adhikari is an experienced leader with the ability to influence decision-making processes, with the single goal of empowering business users to achieve more with Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. He helps customers understand the value proposition of the Power Platform and builds applications in Power Apps and workflows in Power Automate leveraging data from various sources like the Common Data Service, Azure SQL, SharePoint, and integration with other APIs and custom connectors. Uday's committed to community engagement, speaking, and is a community organizer of the Austin Office 365 & SharePoint User Group.