Tricia Sinclair on The MVP Show

Tricia Sinclair on The MVP Show

Tricia Sinclair
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A short introduction about Tricia Sinclair background - life and hobbies 
  • Discover Tricia’s involvement with the Power Platform School 
  • What does Power Platform School do, who they work with and what you should expect? 
  • Tricia talks about her career journey  
  • Learn more about Tricia’s interest in mentoring  
  • Tricia’s involvement in different projects related to Omnichannel Customer Service and Financial Industry. 
  • Learn things you can do with Omnichannel Customer Service 

      • Power Platform School: 

AgileXRm - The integrated BPM for Microsoft Power Platform

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Tricia Sinclair

Tricia Sinclair is the Customer Service Lead for Avanade with over 10 years of experience in implementing CRM solutions (specializing in Microsoft Dynamics). She is a results-oriented human who loves to focus on how future technology trends can be incorporated into your business today. While technology can help you, her passion also revolves around how that technology affects people. She likes to involve people and help them adapt to the future ways of working.