Tomasz Poszytek on The MVP Show

Tomasz Poszytek on The MVP Show

Tomasz Poszytek
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet Tomasz Poszytek from Warsaw, Poland  
  • Tomasz talks about his family and describes his hometown  
  • How Tomasz handles working from home during lockdown due to the COVID19 crisis  
  • With the COVID19 crisis, what Tomasz sees in the next few months when it comes to community events  
  • Lessons learnt from running a productive event using virtual events  
  • A discussion about how they manage these events  
  • How Tomasz facilitates these events making it sure that they have answered all the questions 
  • Any problems have encountered during a presentation and how they handled it  
  • Tomasz area of expertise when it comes to Power Platform  
  • Became a Microsoft MVP in November 2019  
  • The value and the best thing about being a Microsoft MVP 


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Tomasz Poszytek

Tomasz Poszytek – Expert in enabling organizations to work more effectively, helping them to achieve it by leveraging their effectiveness through their business processes digitalization and optimization. He has lots of experience in Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, UI Flows, PVA), but also in Nintex or Webcon. In addition to that, Tomasz enjoys continuously learn to stay up to date and to share his knowledge not only with his customers but with technical communities as well. MVP in Business Applications category, co-organizer of SharePoint Saturday Warsaw and active community member, blogger and international speaker. How to spell Tomasz's Lastname in English properly: “posheetek”