Tobias Fenster on The MVP Show

Tobias Fenster on The MVP Show

Tobias Fenster
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Tobias Fenster's Podcast 
  • A conversation with Tobias’ role and responsibilities as a CTO 
  • Tobias’ origin story, life and family background – what they do together during his free time 
  • How COVID19 affected his lifestyle and business 
  • The area where Tobias specializes in Microsoft Business Applications MVP 
  • The fundamental difference being a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and AZURE category MVP 
  • Talks about Tobias’ contributions to the MVP Community 
  • Tobias’ journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – how his journey started
  • Who nominated Tobias and the nomination process 
  • How being an MVP affected Tobias’ life? 
  • Shares his thoughts about the MVP program 
  • The biggest value of being an MVP 
  • Difference between engaging in Azure and Business Applications of the Product Team 
  • Tobias journey like across NAV and Business Applications 
  • Advice and recommendations to people who are wanting to become a Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft Regional Director Program 

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Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of COSMO CONSULT and responsible for all technology aspects. Born in Ulm, Tobias studied Media Informatics at Ulm University and started as a Java and Enterprise Portal world developer in the 1990s. After different roles as technical lead, consultant, project manager, and team manager, he switched to the Business Applications area. Holding different positions, including Head of Technical Consulting and Head of Development before becoming CTO for Infoma, a German Dynamics 365 BC ISV.

He is blogging on, where he writes about Dynamics NAV / Business Central in connection with Docker and Windows Containers and tools like Azure DevOps and the new Dev Environment. His other focus is Azure, mainly around container environments and SQL. He holds dual Microsoft MVP awards for Business Applications and Azure. In addition to that, Tobias was invited to the MSFT Regional Director program on July 1st, 2020. When he isn't working, he enjoys time with his two sons and wife or on the Basketball or Tennis courts.