Thomas Sandsor on The MVP Show

Thomas Sandsor on The MVP Show

Thomas Sandsor
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Thomas Sandsør’s life - background and origin. 
  • As the leader of a team, discover how Thomas grows great talent, making sure that his staff are continuing to learn the technology that is relevant to Power Platform and Dynamics CRM. 
  • A conversation about Thomas’ career background 
  • Learn more about Thomas’ journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • The opportunities that opened to Thomas since becoming an MVP 
  • How did Thomas start blogging? 
  • Being a Microsoft MVP and as a former Partner Technical Strategist at Microsoft 
  • The impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP on Thomas: 
               - Life 
               - Career 
               - Benefits 
               - Power Platform and Dynamics CRM 

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Thomas Sandsor

Thomas Sandsør is a Microsoft MVP and a Dynamics consultant from Norway. Working with Dynamics since 2007 and still passionate about the product. He worked for about 8 years as a consultant/architect, before he was asked to work for Microsoft building the partner channel for CRM. After 2 years at Microsoft, he got the chance to start the CRM branch at Point Taken, where he led a team of very exciting consultants. His working life has been dedicated to Microsoft CRM, and that is what he writes about.