The Importance of Quality DATA with Mike Dickerson and Umberto Milletti

The Importance of Quality DATA with Mike Dickerson and Umberto Milletti

Mike Dickerson and Umberto Milletti


  • Family, career and personal background of Mike Dickerson and Umberto Milletti.  
  • A discussion with Mike and Umberto’s current job position and role, and how are you taking this work situation amidst the pandemic?  
  • Understanding why companies need to be concerned about maintaining quality DATA.  
  • Umberto’s thoughts on the impact of DATA in business  
  • What brought Mike and Umberto together to form a partnership around DATA.  
  • Find out how powerful their partnership is?  
  • What are their customers excited about? 
  • Three areas of DATA that are particularly relevant in driving revenue and today’s world.  
  • The key focus areas when it comes to DATA for both organizations.   
  • Discussions about the future of data integration 3-4 years ago compared to now.  
  • Umberto talks about InsideView and how it helps organizations when it comes to DATA. 
  • A discussion with Mike about how  ClickDimensions embraces the Power Platform and the importance of data quality for your customers?  
  • The changes and the challenges they see.  
  • How do Mike and Umberto engage with their customers?  
  • Where is the DATA world out now?   
  • Mike and Umberto’s thoughts about using the telephone as a means of communication these days?  
  • What are the action items Mike and Umberto want people to do?   
  • Talks about the new world of DATA and the integrity of DATA in a digital organization.  
  • Learn how they make sure their technology helps people.  
  • The impact of COVID on business and their customers. 

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Mike DickersonProfile Photo

Mike Dickerson

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions, has a passion for developing new businesses and building teams to bring them to life. Throughout his career, Mike has carefully crafted his specialties in growth strategy, new business development, organizational transformation and global management. He currently focuses on those specialties within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community, helping partners and marketers get the most value from the platform. While his passion for technology has helped guide him, Mike’s strong entrepreneurial spirit and growth-focus has helped create an organization devoted to enabling its customers and equipping its partners. He marries his large, public-company experience with that from high-growth startup environments.

Umberto MillettiProfile Photo

Umberto Milletti

Umberto Milletti has been an innovator at the convergence of technology and content for nearly 20 years. In early 2005, Umberto founded InsideView and has since been leading our efforts to inform the entire enterprise. In the mid-1990s, Umberto was a pioneer in e-learning as a co-founder of DigitalThink, where he designed and built one of the first multi-tenant software-as-a-service platforms to deliver and track learning for millions of participants. As an executive, Umberto helped lead the company to a successful IPO, revenues of $60 million, and its acquisition by Convergys in 2004. Umberto holds a BS in electrical engineering from Tufts University and an MS in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.