Temmy Wahyu Raharjo on The MVP Show

Temmy Wahyu Raharjo on The MVP Show

Temmy Wahyu Raharjo
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Temmy Wahyu Raharjo talks about his life – country of origin, presently residing in Indonesia and the best food in Indonesia. 
  • Temmy’s story and his journey into how he got into technology. 
  • A conversation about Temmy’s Dynamics background and how did it start? 
  •  How did Temmy become a Microsoft MVP? 
  • Discussions about Temmy’s involvement in the community 
  • Temmy talks about his blogging 
  • The benefits of becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • How big is the Power Platform, Power Automate, PowerApps and Dynamics 365 community in Indonesia and Malaysia? 
  • What project is Temmy working on at the moment? 
  • The best thing about becoming a Microsoft MVP 

Microsoft MVP YouTube Series - How to Become a Microsoft MVP
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Temmy's GitHub: https://github.com/temmyraharjo/

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[mark]: today's guest is from Malaysia i'm very excited i think this is the first guest i've had on from Malaysia which is exciting he works as a dynamic serum developer at three business technology so he received his first n v p and twenty twenty one he is passionate about programming and loves the idea of clean code totally agree you can find him on twitter at temmy underscore rage or is website temmy roger dot word press dot com welcome to the show temmy

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: thank you mark for having me in your show it's a pleasure for me and a big honor for me

[mark]: i'm so pleased to have you on and i always like to start with finding about where you're from finding out about your family and what you do when you're not working so tell me a bit about what part of malaysia you're from to start with

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: actually i'm in dunasian and currently i'm in indonesia because i chance a job actually last year that's why i'm not getting visa yet to go back to Kuala Lumpur but now i'm garat in the nesabaaran near by art

[mark]: nice nice nice so tell me tell me if i was to come there what's the favorite thing that i must eat must i do food was

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: well there's a lot of things that you can actually because actually how to say inuniia malisia and singapo actually have the same road is malam and nick but i think in here let's say let's say if you go to you there's a good dat we have a lot of food i mean local food in every city they are like in jacta normally it's like because it's a capital city that's why you can get anything that you i mean across the country the one you can get in jakatabut the best you need to go to the local local foot basically mark if you want to go to the city yeah best on that one it's complex

[mark]: yeah it sounds good tell me about if i was to visit visit indonesia where should i go what should i do oh

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yep um i think mostly more i mean most australian go to the go to the ball for share but if you fairly very loth to you know seeing scenery very beautiful beach beach something like that one then you can go to the rajampapapoa then if you go to the york in your art is consider like very affordable price so you can get like food hotel nice hotel and then you can see also there's a candy bar but actually that one is like bdistample but it's very very old and then that's consider like the things that you you can go yeah

[mark]: nice nice i've spent i've spent two weeks as you can imagine in barley in my past but i i ave wanted and i've said to my wife as sometimes i want to go and live in indonesia for at least a month to six weeks because i just want to you know i love the food love the culture i would just love you know the thing that i like the most n barley was people driving

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: cheap beer is it oh

[mark]: who doesn't who doesn't like a nice bintang right who doesn't like a nice bin thing but what i liked is that on the back of you know motorcycles people would have like a full grill or barbecue set up on the back of the like and like you could get you could get corn you could get chicken you

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yeah but by cooling

[mark]: could get all sorts of things just grilled on the back the motorcycle and i love that type of food street food you know just delicious delicious

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: have you tried nasipadonbefore also mark money yes uh yeah the one that very famous

[mark]: i think i have i'm not certain though what's what's the main things in it what's the main things in it

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: actually bern befroaan but in nunesia i mean pardon peoples it's already everywhere so every actually bern befroaan but in nunesia i mean pardon peoples it's already everywhere so every every city is you can find nasipadan and actually we we we love to rise with the gravy so actually it's not i mean the you don't need to eat the bifrandng or anything else just rise with the gravy is already sufficient already very nice for me

[mark]: hm oh it's making me hungry it's making me hungry just talking about it this is so good talking to you tell me tell me about how did you know how did you get into technology what was your journey

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: actually from beginning i when i'm in the university i met another emphipalso from Indonesia cornea actually he's the one that are pushing me forward mark you do like a crazy stuff actually he needs to become a speaker in one even on one day before actually he he talked to me and then said i cannot go to that you need to replace me that's that at the time if you know it's actually like like sit if not like the technology it's consider like like a very new technology at that time and i don't even know yet that time watched that one well and then i need to learn it just in the in just like twenty

[mark]: yep wow wow so so then how how did you progress ultimately into into dynamics

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yeah so i graduated two thousand twelve actually i'm working as a dun until two

[mark]: right uh

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: thus fifteen and then at the time my girl friend actually working at the local company in inunasia called technos of that one and from what i heard from her actually it's already the company is already like very advance in that sense like the applying c i c t they have unique thing and everything else which at that

[mark]: great

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: time seems like very alien for me the term terminal at that time so when my wife resign actually i'm like substitute no no it's not it's not like i subside but basically i submit and then got accepted there and there in there actually i met my man which is my senior that actually always challenge me with all the things he had so he teached me doing the task driven development and then he things he had so he teached me doing the task driven development and then hhe challenged me to at the time my company don't have a sweeter belseicditos to actually export solutions because we are using faticalier which is actually the solutions that one categoric category is based on the type that one so we need to have like logic to checking if there are let's say web resource solutions if cut pluckin needs to throw error or something so he challenged me to build that one and then then he also like keeping refactoring my coat which makes me like ferris sucks in there sound smart because every time i'm checking then he suddenly always like this one i refactoryou coat and the things that makes me really angry is if he's asking about far but name your fare ball is not clear i need to change this one then after that after i moved to malaysia actually what i understand is i'm not

[mark]: oh right yeah yeah yeah yeah so you obviously learned though and you continue to develop in it right

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: really good at talking that's my yeah

[mark]: you seem fine you seem fine yeah

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: i think it's also considered because i'm in troford and also i'm o not in that sense i mean the technical so sometimes like if i'm talking to people right probably they're just like i don't know what i'm talking about that's why i'm trying because my english also at that time also not really good that's why and then the power platform industry is like keeping growing right always changing and yeah in one night just you can say like there's another things and new things that we need to learn something like that right so that's why i'm finding my way to always cope with the technology with blocking it helps me to you know helps me with learning english as well and always stay up to date that's my way ground one

[mark]: it's it's so good it's so good to see you know that progressive journey for you tell me how did the how did you become an mv p as because you've obviously you know you've blogged a lot is that the main area of contribution blogging or do you do other things

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yes now i actually consider the block is the main contribution but at that time i think i can become emphyb because of luck only yeah i mean since two thousand sorry two thousand fifteen something actually i'm trying to answering community the fore room one but i cannot cope with those and i don't have that deeper i mean like very very now let's compare with them right mark but eventually when i moved to malaysia and my microsof stop thing post a local community including the qualalortha one on people that notice me because of trying to do answering the community for that one mark and then he invited me to the to the community and there i met another man dran uh another emphip and then after that i met i met with gif i met with an gif i met with depessofmoney and then since then like because we need to like become leader the community that one and then since there yeah that's the progress like mark how i'm doing

[mark]: well it's so good it's so good so who nominated you at the end nice

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yeah dorani yeah a

[mark]: nice nice nice did you when you became an m v p did you notice anything different like as i particularly around did you get access to or content how did how did it help you once you became an m v p

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: ah yeah of course because the things after we got emphip we have like three environment right and also we have azure all those things actually my target so i'm trying to cope up with the acageotechnologies which purviously i don't have right that's why because of all of this right it's helped me to writing blocks and everything else

[mark]: so tell me a bit about the community now in malaysia and also in denesia how big is the community of people that are doing you know things on the power platform power automatic power ap and and as well as dynamic three six five how big is the community there are lots of people involved are there a few people what's your view

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: i think in like singapore and malaysia from what i say is mostly people that coming is from india the local people like in malaysia is actually like very less in that sense and i think what i can say is actually the people i mean the local people that in malaysia is actually considered like safe in that sense

[mark]: yeah yeah yes yes do you think the there's an carry on

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: while yeah i mean while in inunesia it's a little bit hard because we not really like talking english that's why i usually i mean all the emphepis in n really like talking english that's why i usually i mean all the emphepis in n sia really conduct their representations using in the nation's language which more easier for them to getting the people to come in but from what i know but from what

[mark]: yeah that's good

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: i know is all the people is actually patient about or bi mostly in indonesia

[mark]: interesting interesting i always think it's a good idea that um you know things like user groups community activities et cetera should always be conducted in the native language of the areas you know if that's indonesian what's what's the language of alasia eh

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: males actually mostly using english english yes male yeah but if you if you want

mark]: is it malay wow yeah yeah yeah we

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: to find people that can speak malay fluently it's very hard think what

[mark]: wow wow that's interesting that's interesting so so what what are the big project you're working on and don't mention the names of the companies or anything like that but what are the type of projects that you're working on at the moment

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: at the moment yeah actually currently i'm working to support it's very hard mark will not mention the company yeah

[mark]: yeah yeah but just say the industry what industry is it mining banking insurance what type of retailer got a yeah yeah

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yeah retailer yeah we are supporting yeah we are supporting the retailer project

[mark]: nice nice i remember when i was working in hong kong for a bit that the indonesia the insurance industry was big i think from men s a company called general and they were they were doing work in indonesia and they wanted to do a lot of dynamics and this is like this is like seven years ago and that was my first time of hearing about dynam s been used and this is probably dynamic three six five sales been used in indonesia and malasia at the time yeah so cool the close close they came to it yeah yeah and i mean

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: wow generally

[mark]: yeah so cool the close close they came to it yeah yeah and i mean generally from memory is an insurance company from europe yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yep got

[mark]: generally from memory is an insurance company from europe yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so interesting so so tell what's the best thing about being an m v p in your mind

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: what's the best thing of course there's a lot of things that we can ah i mean the benefits like rechoupar for the technical guys it's a free rich our subscriptions and then get a lot of plural side subscriptions all those n d a and the ah all those things everything i think we have a lot of information so that we can upsot but the problem is still how can we redistribute them so that we can upsot but the problem is still how can we redistribute them correctly that's the things that yeah i think it's the responsibility that we need to bear on yep

[mark]: yeah i like it tommy thank you so much for coming on the show it's been a pleasure

[temmy_wahyu_raharjo]: yeah yeah thank you so much mark

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Temmy Wahyu Raharjo

Temmy Wahyu Raharjo is a Microsoft MVP Business Apps, Malaysia Power Platform+Dynamics CRM UG Leader, Dynamics CRM 365 Technical Consultant, TDD Enthusiast, Clean-Coder, Azure learner, Blogger, and a Certified Power Platform+Azure.