Tatiana Pupko on The MVP Show

Tatiana Pupko on The MVP Show

Tatiana Pupko
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Tatiana Pupko lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia 
  • What Tatiana enjoys the most about living in Saint Petersburg 
  • Describes Tatiana's maternity life – her experience being a mother 
  • How COVID19 affects Tatiana's life 
  • A conversation about Tatiana's journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Tatiana as part of the MVP community  
  • What Tatiana normally does before becoming an MVP  
  • Rules or work involved for the implementation of business for a new customer when it comes to Russian localization 
  • Alternative product used in Russia if not Business Central 
  • Tatiana's thoughts about using “Translations”  
  • What Tatiana does during her spare time – social life and hobbies 
  • A discussion about what Tatiana expected since becoming an MVP 
  •  Discusses the changes that happened since becoming an MVP
  • The best thing about being part of the MVP Summit 

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Tatiana Pupko

Tatiana Pipko has more than 10 years of professional experience in automation using NAV/Business Central. She specializes in advising users and setting up accounting processes with maximum use of standard NAV/Business Central functionality to cover business needs. A Microsoft MVP in the field of Business Solutions since 2018. In addition to that, Tatiana was the head of the NAV/Business Central department and now leads a happy maternity life.