Tanguy Touzard on the MVP Show

Tanguy Touzard on the MVP Show

Tanguy Touzard
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Catching up with Tanguy and life outside of Dynamics 
  • The story behind the creation of XrmToolBox 
  • The growth of XrmToolBox over time 
  • Tools development in relation to PowerApps 
  • Opportunities for developers who want to build new tools 
  • Thoughts on WinForms 
  • Helping developers on XrmToolBox 
  • Journey to becoming an MVP 
  • Experience in being featured in CRMUG magazine 
  • Benefits of becoming an MVP 

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Tanguy Touzard

Tanguy Touzard is the creator and owner of the XrmToolBox. He has been a Technical Consultant on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement since the first French version (v1.2). Tanguy is a technical lead at Javista for development on this platform.