Sukrut Parab on The MVP Show

Sukrut Parab on The MVP Show

Sukrut Parab
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Life introduction about Sukrut Parab – lives in Los Angeles with his family 
  • Talks Sukrut’s journey from India to Los Angeles  
  • Career background of Sukrut, how he started working with Dynamics  
  • Advice to people wanting to work away from their hometown 
  • A conversation about Sukrut’s journey inside AX to Finance and Operations of Dynamics 365 
  • The key lessons Sukrut’s has learnt on his journey that helps in his career growth 
  • Discussion about the importance of industry knowledge when it comes to product implementation 
  • How Sukrut focus from one area while maintaining his skills and knowledge Sukrut’s thoughts about people migrating On-Prem to Cloud 
  • Talks about Sukrut’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – how he got awarded 
  • Sukrut’s MVP contributions to the community


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Sukrut Parab

Sukrut Parab is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and the Senior Technical Architect working with Hitachi Solutions America Ltd in Los Angeles, USA. He is working with F&O (Formerly Dynamics AX) for the last 12+ years. Sukrut’s strong focus is on the technical architectural side of Finance and Operations with decent knowledge on some functional areas. In addition to that, Sukrut got his MVP award in October 2019.