Stefano Tempesta on MVP Show

Stefano Tempesta on MVP Show

Stefano Tempesta
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Personal and professional background – what led to his move to Melbourne, being a regional director and an MVP, starting in SharePoint and falling in love with Dynamics 365, being passionate about AI, working for Salesforce 
  • Countries he has lived and worked – being a global traveller, getting involved in international Dynamics communities, and being multilingual 
  • Experience in a blockchain – what it is and how it is applied today 
  • Working with blockchain and Microsoft business applications 
  • Merging of blockchain and AI – scenarios that either exist now or coming in the future around the merging of blockchain and AI 
  • How he stays at the cutting edge of change and how he keeps learning 
  • Advice to professionals wanting to stay up to speed with all the changes in Microsoft 
  • The public speaking process he follows to go through from the idea to what he presents 

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Stefano Tempesta

Stefano Tempesta is a technology manager, software architect, speaker, blogger, author, event organizer and ambassador of beautiful software… His interests extend to microservice architectures, blockchain and A.I.-related technologies.
He is one of the only 160 of the world's top technology visionaries Microsoft RD (Regional Director) chosen by Microsoft specifically for their proven cross-platform expertise, community leadership, and commitment to business results.

Stefano is the only double Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) on AI and Business Applications categories, as well as Sitecore MVP Ambassador. He is certified on a range of Microsoft and Salesforce products.

He’s a passionate traveller, a poor musician, and an avid learner of new technologies and (programming) languages. He has a can-do think-positive attitude. People say he lives at a different speed.

He holds British and Italian citizenship and speaks fluent English, Italian, and terrible Russian.