Starting a Dynamics Practice in 2019 with Marc Wolenik

Starting a Dynamics Practice in 2019 with Marc Wolenik

Marc Wolenik


  • Journey across the Dynamics ecosystem over the years 
  • Being the author of Dynamics CRM Unleashed series, thoughts on authoring books  
  • Being a Microsoft MVP 
  • Interests outside of work 
  • Experience starting a Dynamics practice – building a company (Webfortis) and going through the acquisition process 
  • Thoughts on consolidation in the market and does it create white space for new players 
  • Is Microsoft supporting the ability to really push deeply into the SMB space? 
  • Marc’s latest pursuits and his plans going forward based on market assessment, getting back in the game 
  • Partnering with partners 
  • Being 100% “born in the cloud” – Do we see it as the days of swapping software out that does a core bit of business functionality is going to go away? 
  • The specific segment that Marc is going to target – specific industries that they’ve got success in already or horizontal offering 
  • Types of business that want a lightweight ERP – Are these businesses that already exist, or are these more startup type business that needs to put an ERP system? 
  • What made him get back into the game – the big motivator 
  • Two key things that partners haven’t done well, thoughts on marketing and getting that part of the business right when you’re a practice 
  • How long they have been running and what kind of traction they are getting 
  • Groth aspirations in the coming years 
  • Thoughts on the Microsoft partner relationship model going forward – Is it changing? How is it maturing? 
  • Thoughts on Microsoft encouraging global SIs – Are they competitors to what Marc is doing? 
  • MCS – Microsoft Consulting Services 
  • Possible changes in the Microsoft consulting part of the business – Will they see partners as allies and not augmented headcount? 

Books Mentioned

Dynamics CRM Unleashed series – 


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Marc Wolenik

Marc Wolenik is a speaker, author and entrepreneur on emerging technology, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business/organizational change. He is the author of 5 books on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a previous Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP). Recipient of “Exceptional Talent” recognition by the U.K. in 2018 (via approved Tier 1 Visa).

Marc founded Webfortis (acquired by Avtex in 2016), a Microsoft Dynamics CRM products and services company, recognized as both a Gold Certified Partner and an Inner Circle/Presidents Club recipient for multiple years. He created the first web-based vertical Point of Sale (POS) and CRM/ERP product offering for handheld mobile technology (xWebPOS), as well as several ventures using early AI protocols, including a real-time online Poker AI system (PokerStarsAnalyzer).

He serves in multiple board/advisory positions, including the Executive Director for the Blockchain User Group (BUG) EMEA as well as Board of Directors for eXtremeCRM (US), Board of Directors for CRMUG, multiple Microsoft Partner Advisory Councils (PACs) for both the US and World and involved in multiple Microsoft Product Council memberships (TAP's and pre-TAP) for emerging products and technology.