Shawn Tabor on The MVP Show

Shawn Tabor on The MVP Show

Shawn Tabor
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction on Shawn’s – growing up and living in Florida for the last 30 years & being born outside of Chicago. 
  • Shaun talks about his education  
  • Shawn’s day working in the Power Platform Dynamics Arena 
  • Shawn's focus on field service and customer service  
  • Shawn’s thoughts on getting PowerApps for Field service 
  • Is the product set big enough to just chose one thing? 
  • Shawn’s recommendation on choosing the right product. 
  • What he loves to do the most. Field service and customers service or Sales? 
  • Discusses IoT Practical integration to Field service  
  • How to tell if preventive maintenance is needed  
  • Being an MVP for 3 years – and how his journey started 8 years ago 
  • CRM Lady – Anne Stanton 
  • Talks about his passion for doing Podcasts 
  • Events Shawn's attended – Orlando summit, Ignite broadcasting service and 20mins on PowerApps and field service 


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Shawn Tabor

Shawn Tabor has been involved within the CRM community for over 15 years, working with Microsoft Dynamics solutions since Microsoft CRM v3.0. He has successfully implemented Dynamics 365 in various industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health Care and Sports/Entertainment.

He is Microsoft Business Applications MVP & a co-host of the popular CRM Audio Podcast Network. Before working as a partner, Shawn managed a 4500 seat Dynamics CRM implementation for a large Financial Services Firm. You can follow Shawn on his blog at: or subscribe to the CRM.Audio, At Your Service or PowerApps podcast! He is a big fan of @RedSox.

Shawn's Specialties:
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Dynamics 365Office 365
• Sales Process Transformation,
• Integration