Sharon Sumner on The MVP Show

Sharon Sumner on The MVP Show

Sharon Sumner
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Find out more about Sharon Sumner’s life and what she does outside of work 
  • Learn more about Sharon’s company - Business Cloud Integration 
  • Talks about her passion for SharePoint, office 365 and Power Platform 
  • Named changes that happened in November – what does it mean to Sharon and what’s her plan? 
  • What are the types of PowerApps Sharon is building – for herself and customers 
  • Talks about Sharon’s book - Getting to Value Faster 
  • Sharon’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP in Business Application 
  • Discussions about how she was nominated and who nominated Sharon 
  • Sharon’s involvement with the MVP Community and events 
  • A conversation about Sharon’s charity work 
  • A discussion about Sharon’s expectations after becoming a Microsoft MVP 


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Sharon Sumner

Sharon Sumner is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and CEO of Business Cloud Integration Ltd, SharePoint and Office 365 delivery partner in Cambridge, UK. Leading the Digital Transformation Team – helping businesses adopt the modern workplace using our SharePoint deployment and migration cloud platform Casper365 ™.

Also, she is a speaker for SharePoint Business Applications, Content Services and Power Platform tools. Charter partner with Microsoft's SharePoint Business Applications programme and Microsoft Gold partner specialising in cloud content and collaboration.

In addition to that, she is the leader of the Power Platform and User Group in Cambridge UK…devoted to community events and collaboration and always says yes to coffee!