Shadrack Inusah on The MVP Show

Shadrack Inusah on The MVP Show

Shadrack Inusah
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A short introduction about Shadrack Inusah’s life – Family background, hobbies and interests. 
  • Hear Shadrack’s story about how he got involved in the Power Platform. 
  • Shadrack’s involvement in the community and other group events 
  • What App did Shadrack create for the Power pap African challenge 
  • Shadrack talked about the importance of mentorship in the tech industry 
  • Talks about Shadrack’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • How many Business Applications MVPs are there in Ghana? 
  • What excites Shadrack the most about the Power Platform
  • The biggest decision Shadrack ever made in his life 
  • The benefits of becoming part of the MVP community 

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AgileXRm - The integrated BPM for Microsoft Power Platform

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[mark]: today's guest is from ghana he works as a power platform specialist who received his first m v p award in twenty twenty two you can find out everything about him bio links to his socials that type of thing in the show notes for this episode shadrack welcome to the show

[shadrack]: yeah thank you very much mark nice join the your year i've seen a couple of people coming in and i've always waited for this opportunity i bit in the was going to be here one day thanks for the

[mark]: i'm so pleased you hear tell us a bit about tell us a bit about family life food fun everything that's not related to your it career ah in Ghana

[shadrack]: right so thank you once again so my name is shadrag in a and i'm from anna i was born i was born at all in tama tamas in kragan that was where i was born i'm the first born of five first born or five actually we are three we have four three guys then the two girls and being the first child you know how it feels like really you feel like you always have a lot of where can you but how should i say that and then so i speak some few local languages year about two three local language e n ana and then i speak english as you know as english is our i mean it's the language we speak official language we speak here so currently i live with my parents in a city cosemintes that's where i live gurently what i really love doing is just watching movies and i mean look movies and listening to look at our songs i love look at songs and lots you know we have these songs can we have the gospel we have a life in gan and then high life especially high life is actually from gana it's actually mating gana genial song then i love playing game a lot i love playing soccer football gave me a lot that's game when i'm lonely and i spend almost my time being in the room balloon i don't like going out i really don't like going out so that's something little worry m

[mark]: this is interesting that's interesting tell us about what's the best thing to eat in gna what's the best food if you had the choice of to eat anything in gana what do you recommend people eat

[shadrack]: mark you know this already we are the best when it comes to you of when this cosequently comes of rice gana is always the best with me having this kind of cove our colleagues or our sister country nigeria but when it comes to tlofganais till the best you can you can bet gana when it comes in to love and i will love you you come to gancomintic of and see that see the coregal of inganayou need to commit this so is one of the best inganaylov kink i mean is really also yeah

[mark]: i'd love that i'd love that tell us about how how did you ultimately end up being involved with the power platform what's been your journey from where you where did you come from to the point of that you're involved in the power platform

[shadrack]: m all right all right so i was actually i actually joined a community where i heard of some ahead of a program called the micros student parson a dam i was like i need to go and look into it what the microsopstudent part is about and then i was in school i was then in school so i wanted to also become a mirosopstudent partner who i reach out to one of them as a student pan in an then we had only one micresostudent patina in ana i reached out to him and we communicate his cold we talk and he sent me the link to up apply and then i was also into microsofdotnet very well i was doing i was building shop on my own in screw i was building simple simple applications so i was a microsoft person there and i just have to apply also put in what a couple of things i've done which they on get up i push in there so i got application approved in the year twenty twenty that was in january in january in february you know in february we have the global par platform but come so we have some and drying who's in the global pal platform but in gana so because i joined a michrosof community i got interrupted with him so i went for this good camp and someone was introducing some well and then frank they were introducing us on michrosoft up and i saw the part i was like wow i love this i love this and you know currently my student ambassada account was also a mycatrcise five account so it has access to all this stuff and i didn't know about it i was just having a account with having i didn't know that was intended twenty february so somewhere introduce they built simple applications and stuff and i was like wow just in one second you built application how did you do this so now i went through the part of introduction with them we went through the part i then i was like wow i'm going home to continue this so i went to i started looking into videos on ou few emvypes actually public vides on you tube i was looking through that i had to go through a lot of some close trying my hands on some and high fun be fun and i was like wow i need to take this serious so as a students partnarten i started hosting events on pas i started taking my students drop up because i wanted to lend myself and i wanted them to a did right from there it keep going it keep going keep going then i was in twenty twenty i was still learning but then i had minded i wanted to create an audio player a podcast so in my mind i was having that whole package as in something i wanted to build to blow people mind as some i've actually built so whilst i was working around i was still finding ways how to build this podcast i was still leaning i was still building a whole lot of things trying my hands on and thanks to all the nvps public or some awsome or some titura on utube is really helping a lot that's where i built my most of my and my idea from i mean from there i just went twenty twenty twenty one twenty twenty two that's how my pa journey or started i started most in events on it i start some were started inviting me on events that group on events in a i also went for the pap african challenge with i i became second i want tablet from them yea so i became second of posted

[mark]: what did you create what did you create what did you create for the power pap challenge

[shadrack]: so with a pub challenged you know that we were in the coved mood that was in tntintwentyone so i was like well what should i create so i sat down and i was like i think i should create something like a coved up and up where by because all the employees of most companies are working from home why not create an up so that case an employe is having an issue is feeling feverish or maybe feeling some some things about Covid you can read about it inside the up in case it's something serious that in the up you can trig send these details to your company your company work on it and maybe they probably send an ambolance or the probablissens some one to your aid that's what the up is about so the up is just for company to use in case you need help from the company and also in case you want to read about ovid more set and the up but in build life website in it where you can also check the coved situation i use bing maps for the coved situation in across the world you can check in the it as both where you can use the is actually intermated all the platform to us in it so it has both where you can chat with a word now about ovid it also has it's also trigger flew where the flow picks data straight away in felthefome so i implemented almost everything in it i built it straight from data vas i was second i mean i placed second among three hundred and twenty plus participant

[mark]: that's

[shadrack]: and

[mark]: incredible

[shadrack]: yeah yeah that was that was really who i really enjoyed my mentor was so great siesta assisted me a lot gave me much idea on what i was building and i mean it was so also greater on the great and then the other colleagues met his happen and i think it's coming up again and currently i'm just planning to be a mentor on the next one he is coming off so that i can associate this knowledge with the adders so mine product

[mark]: so

[shadrack]: my pa platform journey is a lot a lot carnt i'm doing a lot and i'm sure you come to ask about that so i can see most of the stuff i'm doing also with you

[mark]: that's incredible so when you mentioned gretchen then you're talking about gretchen from microsoft right

[shadrack]: exactly exactly

[mark]: yeah so you know that gretchen used to be an n v p when i was first in v p gretchen was in v p in business applications before she went and joined microsopt

[shadrack]: oh wow i had no idea what well that's also that's awesome

[mark]: yeah she's a former business application s p

[shadrack]: wow

[mark]: m in fact i'm pretty sure i have a podcast with her not a hundred i'm pretty i've been doing casting for five years so i'm not sure but i'm pretty sure there's a podcast with gretchen

[shadrack]: well

[mark]: i know i did a video so she's definitely on my you tube channel but

[shadrack]: okay

[mark]: that's incredible so tell us now now you have gone from twenty twenty when we're in twenty twenty two now so you've gone after a few years you're become an m v p how did that happen

[shadrack]: yeah so i mentioned a layer on so i keep hosting events on the power the power platform pops to me i keep also creating applications and then in case i come by some applications which i didn't get help on youtube i try to work around and i make a video of it and share it on youtubeasol for or two also study it and see how to solve that issue so that was what i was doing through out twenty twenty one so from twenty twenty two and the day to twenty twenty one was doing all those stuffs i was also contributing more in the microsults student ambassadaprogram i was trying i was contributing a lot i was part of the local no like where i was also

[mark]: nice

[shadrack]: assisting students day so from there i was giving the opportunity to start blogging on the microsoftec community site i've been blocking there for a while that was in trinsitensy one day i keep blogging and then then i had two recommendations for the nvps have one from charles charles who retired that was last year earlier this year i think charles vi yeah then i have one or two from another microsef employee from there who is also in the part platform but micosuseen am bassadaprogam so i had two nominations actually that was

[mark]: nice

[shadrack]: who huge too i had to pick one that i filled in i mean i have to go through and fill it with all the events aforesaid over that plus events some of them were some of them were here before so i couldn't add them up i have to add from twenty twenty went twenty two went ntwntwntoso i had just a couple of them about twenty something plus i mean i just feel the form i had and i also joined the pier platform but cam that was said recently i was also a speaker on that so i was

[mark]: nice

[shadrack]: to wait and fill the form with that as well so i did that and i mean my thin guests got to me that i've got this and i was really happy that was n't much but before then whilst i was waking at removal i actually did a whole lot of automation for them i changed a lot of paper we created a lot of otomation for the peticas request that people can request and then request for teams it can be approved mail of our teams so that was my first huge project i worked on when i got comin realized they were doing this i tried to do that for them then within there within this twenty twenty two the attention to an two is just rating and hosting events creating hosting eventimentory student trying to see students also joining you know i was getting invited to talk from maroon from senga was just talking on events all over so i have to add all this in my application and just straight out this would be my emil and i was like wow i kept you know i kept waiting for that day and i just realized i've had this v was like wow just in two years tenitntingi and the tribute to an envy i was really grateful for

[mark]: I love it

[shadrack]: the community for this and then i mean all the envipies were doing great i mean they pushed me with all this assistance especial inga i mean they did great

[mark]: nice how many how many business application mvps are there in Ghana

[shadrack]: okay so currently we are just two i'm

[mark]: two

[shadrack]: the second person yes

[mark]: this is awesome this is awesome i say i love

[shadrack]: exactly

[mark]: this i love this

[shadrack]: exactly

[mark]: so so one final question before i let you go where is what's what's your focus for the next twelve months what are you working on what excites you about the power platform what do you see is the opportunity that you're pursuing over the next twelve months

[shadrack]: yeah so then i was in removal that was this year this year to meet this year i was in removal and then collect an application from one odal insight share an application in in in michrosopht community platform on what's up and it was like you guys can apply for it but you keep reaching out to me says shark this is for you i mean you are in for this so i a bank need a specialist and he a like this is for you i was like a sure are you really sure yeah is is this is for you and it was a huge i mean it one of the biggest decision i've ever made in my life and i'm really grateful for microsoft being in or the platform i'm really grateful for microsof because without this i don't see my if to be like you know always afforded to be with this bug cause this bug is one of the huge bugs and gana i've always wanted to be with him i've also always wanted to be with microsoft were due to some location stuff i was really cool when i hear about the bank i applied for it i didn't even know that was the bunk so i went for the interview and i realized it the bank i've always wanted to be in and i passed the interview we went through tough interview session i passed through all then i had an email apart platform specialists for fidelity banana it was one of the amazing decision i ever took in my life i was really grateful for the whole microsofthe community i mean bringing up parplasom really helped me pushed me to this field and it's really awesome and i feel comfortable i feel like i'm now accepted what what i always wanted to do and i've started building i'm also and i got there and i realized the part platform is something which is about to take over the world because i realize it's needed al almost in every company because what we are in the and imagine some companies are also having the same challenges and they don't even know about paras you can feel the stress they are going through so part up team lining business processes it's really also making things very easy within the company building application s trying to reduce paper work it's really awesome and i think a lot of bunks in ganaare trying to make use of the microsoppower platform which i really really really think is a good idea because it comes with the teams nd other applications which you're already using you just need to also include them then i mean that also for now i think we're in the nest in one year to come part platform should be something very very re create in the world because with these dates coming up with these new dates coming on i see a lot of people trying to work on the making some also interactive applications in what is coming up in a part part from fraternity a whole of is coming and i'm also trying to catch up because you know if you don't catch up you're going to be left behind because we are moving quickly and the community is really also just like you mark everyone in the but from community is really really awesome the nvpisaawsome there always are failable to help you i don't want to forget is is there is really doing also and lanllnlanlan actually helped me my audio player line is really really awesome i really like how he works is really straight and if i like alan lot i'm hoping to work with him again i mean to community is really cool and they make that also everybody i mean the interaction on tira and how they retreat your wages how they i mean it is really great i love i'm really grateful to be part of the pa part from community i'm really really grateful i've had course with a part from community call i had i go with him last time to talk about a up i built i think i really love all the opportunities being given to me at this stage i feel so also i feel so great now looking at the years where i started from and i'm trying to mental of students here i'm trying to mentor a lot of people i'm creating a channel where i'll just be entering people to start taking up course a lot of companies are going to start using the power platform so this is

[mark]: i love it

[shadrack]: i'm trying to i'm trying to mentor them now so that they all come up and start building something for people so

[mark]: awesome

[shadrack]: these are

[mark]: awesome

[shadrack]: some of the things i'm working on

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Shadrack Inusah

Shadrack Inusah is a Power Platform Specialist. He is a software developer with community-building experience and a member of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Low Code No Code League. Shadrack loves to assist experts and citizen developers, and students learn and build together to solve technical world problems.