Sergio Macias on The MVP Show

Sergio Macias on The MVP Show

Sergio Macias
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Sergio's personal life – lives in Monterey, Mexico and shares his views on the three most important cities and popular food in Mexico.  
  • Discusses how popular Microsoft PowerApps and Flow, Power Platform, Dynamics 365 are in Mexico  
  • The first Dynamics 365 CRM MVP in Mexico  
  • Sergio’s journey to becoming an MVP – 2 years as an MVP  
  • Discusses the three significant events that happened for Dynamics 365 in 2019 – D365 Saturday – Mexico City, Mexico in April, Dynamics 365 Saturday – Monterrey, Mexico in May and D365 Saturday – Guadalajara, Mexico June  
  • Sergio’s objective and goals when it comes to Dynamics 365 events  
  • How successful is the Dynamics 365 event?  
  • Are Microsoft Partners in Mexico doing Dynamics 365? 
  • How he discovered the MVP Program and talks about the person who guided him to become an MVP  
  • Discusses his contributions to the Dynamics 365 community   
  • What project he is working on at present, his focus & and his current team
  • Who does he see in the Spanish community as a future MVP   
  • Who inspires him to be better
  • The mistake he kept doing over and over again? 

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Sergio Macias

Sergio Macias is a Microsoft MVP in Dynamics 365, VP of Event Programming in Mexico for the Community365. He is also the founder of Empowering-U, an organization that brings technology, including Dynamics 365/CRM, closer to students from different colleges with talks and workshops, and at no cost.

In addition to that, He is experienced in SMBs and Enterprise organizations with more than 800 users, speaker at local users' groups for Dynamics. He has been working for almost 11 years with Dynamics CRM and 13 years as an IT solutions consultant.

Macias volunteered to learn Dynamics CRM because he's always trying to learn new technologies. He enjoys helping organizations to grow up their business with solutions based on more than 12 years of experience. Passionate about helping other professionals and exchange ideas and practices.