Sarah Jelinek on the MVP Show

Sarah Jelinek on the MVP Show

Sarah Jelinek
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  •  Differences between Fargo’s and accents
  • Things to see in Fargo
  •  Synergies between the Czech Republic and Pisek
  •  World Pursuits and family ties
  •  Career beginnings and career development
  •  Career advise and areas of opportunities
  •  Becoming an MVP and learning networks
  •  The Learning experience
  •  Maintaining MVP Contributions
  •  Looking back and giving advice
  •  Travelling opportunities

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Sarah Jelinek

Sarah Jelinek is a proud geek who loves technology and helping solve problems. She has been working with Dynamics 365/CRM since version 3.0 and love’s every time there is a new release with new functionality. She has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for Dynamics CRM since 2007 and enjoys showing people how Dynamics 365/CRM can help them work smarter, not harder. Sarah currently works with Arctic IT as a Senior Consultant/Trainer specializing in Dynamics CRM.