Sarah Critchley on the MVP Show

Sarah Critchley on the MVP Show

Sarah Critchley
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Career breakdown and following a non-traditional path
  • Cats
  • Meeting & Making Goals
  • Pronunciations & Brain-storming
  • User Experience
  • Artistic Skills
  • Blogging, reading and writing
  • Outdoor pursuits, detox and scary bears
  • Automation and AI
  • Prioritization
  • UG – UK

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Sarah Critchley

Sarah Critchley is a Microsoft Dynamics Business Applications MVP and an experienced Technical Consultant & Research Solutions Lead who has worked on numerous Business System Implementations. Having led software projects in numerous industries, including healthcare and the public sector, she works across all areas of the project lifecycle from demonstrations, design, architecture, documentation, customisations and development. She gets involved in the technical community by chairing the CRM User Group in the UK, running technical events, and presenting technical and functional topics in conferences worldwide.

As an experienced technical consultant and developer who has worked on numerous Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations for both Online and On-Premise deployments, she is knowledgeable in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. She led projects in various industries, including medical, government and retail. Her focus on consultancy and designing systems to ensure companies get the most value out of the platform.

Experienced in leading CRM 2011 all the way through to Dynamics 365 projects that required a range of skills, including pre-sales demonstrations and discussions, scoping and designing architecture, writing functional and technical specifications, customisations using out of the box configurations, scripting, plugin development and data migration.

Sarah has a background in QA & believe the customer should receive an end product that works to specifications and is of fantastic quality. Having worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for over five years, she is committed to the product and what it can provide a user in a range of varied environments.

She is enthusiastic about technology and the possibilities that can be accomplished; she enjoys researching and learning, which is demonstrable in her commitment to developing her skills alongside full-time employment. Having achieved a distinction in her MSc Computer Science alongside working full time, she now enjoys leading various other projects and groups within the technical community, including CRMUG UK and CRMUG Research and creating and reviewing technical courses.