Sahan Wijayasekera on The MVP Show

Sahan Wijayasekera on The MVP Show

Sahan Wijayasekera
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Meet and find out more about Sahan Wijayasekera’s life and country of origin
  • What is famous about Sri Lanka – best food  
  • What made Sahan decide to move to Melbourne, Australia  
  • Sahan’s exciting journey into Microsoft Business Applications  
  • How did Sahan learn about the MVP Program?  
  • Talks about Sahan’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • Things Sahan learn about being a Microsoft MVP  
  • The importance of the MVP Community group  
  • Recommendations to people considering becoming an MVP  
  • How Sahan manages his time between family, work and being an MVP  
  • An introduction to IoT   

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Sahan Wijayasekera

Sahan Wijayasekera is a Dynamics CRM Consultant based in Melbourne. He started his CRM journey with Dynamics CRM 3.0 and worked in various CRM implementation across many industries. A qualified and experienced individual who has an established track record with over ten years of experience in Technical and Service Delivery Management in both the local and international arena. Sahan started his career in IT Support and imaged it into Project Management and consulting in Microsoft Platforms such as Microsoft CRM Dynamics, SharePoint, Server, and SQL.