Roma Gupta on The MVP Show

Roma Gupta on The MVP Show

Roma Gupta
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief talk about Roma Gupta’s life, family, country of origin. 
  • Covid19 situation in India and how is that affecting her and her family members. 
  • How Roma’s IT journey started 
  • A conversation about Roma’s career background. 
  • The projects she’s working on in Africa. 
  • Romas focus and area of specialization when it comes to technology. 
  • Roma’s experience in Dynamics 365 marketing and Click Dimensions. 
  • Describes the differences between the products and which is popular with customers. 
  • What excites Roma the most about the future of Power Platform. 
  • Power Automate as the best Integration platform for moving data. 
  • Roma’s story and her journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP and her involvement with the MVP community. 
  • Roma’s thoughts about Microsoft's user group platform. 
  • What was the biggest surprise and impact to Roma since becoming a Microsoft MVP? 
  • Roma’s recommendations to people considering becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Roma’s future plans, and she is looking forward to attending the MVP summit. 

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Roma Gupta

Roma Gupta is a Microsoft MVP in Business Applications. At her day job, she is Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Consultant. She transforms business needs into technical solutions. She likes to break applications to know their potential performance limitations, analyzes data just for fun, so she self-taught Power BI, Scribe & Azure Data Factory. She is also Community Lead South Africa for the D365 Champs community. Clients have quoted her as 'Ridiculously efficient' & someone who has Grit, a key characteristic.