Ritika Agarwal on The MVP Show

Ritika Agarwal on The MVP Show

Ritika Agarwal
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Ritika Agarwal talks about the growing number of Microsoft Business Applications MVP in India 
  • With the Covid19 pandemic, what is happening in India now? 
  • Exploring India – the best place to visit and food recommendations. 
  • A discussion with Ritika’s educational background and her journey into IT. 
  • What led Ritika to work in Microsoft Business Applications? 
  • Discover what Ritika had accomplished in 3 years. 
  • How did Ritika learn about the MVP Program? 
  • The process and steps Ritika went through to become a Microsoft MVP and who nominated her. 
  • Ritika’s involvement with the D365 Saturday Event 
  • Becoming a Microsoft MVP, what are the changes and impact on Ritika’s career? 
  • Recommendations and advice to people wanting to become a Microsoft MVP and start a career in Power Platform. 

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Ritika Agarwal

Ritika Agarwal is a Power Platform Developer/Solutions Architect and works on app modernization and helps organizations fast pace digital transformation. She is also a Microsoft MVP and MCT for the Business Applications category and works on both development projects and delivering training on the Power Platform.

When she is doing nothing, she loves spending time with her dog, reading books, and pretending to learn to cook. She also led the Hyderabad Power Platform user group and meets on the second Saturday of every month. She also occasionally writes technical content on her blog.