Richard Wilson on The MVP Show

Richard Wilson on The MVP Show

Richard Wilson
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Richard Wilson’s family, life and hobbies 
  • Career background of Richard 
  • A discussion about what led Richard into technology. 
  • What is Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC)? 
  • Switching from Dynamics 365 to Power Platform environment 
  • What can Microsoft Government Cloud do for you? 
  • The type of solutions you can build with Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud 
  • Talks about Richard's journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Richard’s involvement with PCF controls and CoE Starter Kit 
  • The impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP on Richars’s career 
  • Richard’s plans for the next few months when it comes to development 

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Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is a pro developer who has been working with Dynamics/Power Platform since Dynamics 3.0. He started his career in IT as a Business Analyst/Project Manager and over the years, he became more technology-focused, moving first into a role as a SharePoint developer and then Dynamics/Power Platform. His client focus has been mostly the US Government and he primarily works within the GCC cloud space which adds additional challenges when architecting solutions. In addition, Richard spends most of his free time hiking and doing outdoor activities with his family and practicing martial arts.