Rebekka Aalbers on The MVP Show

Rebekka Aalbers on The MVP Show

Rebekka Aalbers
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Rebekka Aalbers' life and where she lives  
  • Talks about Rebekka's area of specialization   
  • How Rebekka ended up becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • The demand for PowerApps in the Netherlands – growing or established?  
  • As part of implementing the COE start kit, what are the steps she takes to make sure the product is supported?  
  • The type of Industry solutions Rebekka has come up with when it comes to PowerApps   
  • How Rebekka decides on what application she uses when working on a project   
  • Story of Rebekka's journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Talks about what format Rebekka uses to run a user group  
  • What Rebekka thinks about her first MVP Summit  
  • How Rebekka maintains her mental health during this COVID time   
  • A discussion about how Rebekka contributes to the community at present and in the future  
  • Rebekka's involvement with CDS, SharePoint, Governance and AI builder  
  • Discusses Rebekka's favourite AI Builder template 

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Rebekka Aalbers

Rebekka Aalbers works as a Technology Consultant at Dutch Microsoft Partner Macaw. Her focus is on helping customers with the implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform in their organization and building low code solutions with PowerApps and Power Automate. Her drive is to get the most out of the box capabilities of the platform and only use custom development when it really adds value.