Raphael Pothin on The MVP Show

Raphael Pothin on The MVP Show

Raphael Pothin
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A conversion about Raphael Pothin’s family background, country of origin and life in Canada and Sweden 
  • What took him to Sweden? 
  • Culture differences in Sweden and home 
  • Talks about the educational and career background of Raphael 
  • What brought Raphael to where he is right now? 
  • Raphael’s area of specialization 
  • Memorable projects Raphael worked on using sales – Dynamics 365 
  • The things Raphael discovered as a DevOps. 
  • Raphael’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Raphael’s involvement in MVP virtual events 
  • The impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP in Raphael’s career and life 

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Raphael Pothin

Raphael Pothin is a Power Platform and DevOps enthusiast for which the goal of making the life of all Power Platform developers easier and more enjoyable.