Prashant G Bhoyar on The MVP Show

Prashant G Bhoyar on The MVP Show

Prashant G Bhoyar
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Prashant G Bhoyar shares his background and experience in the IT industry and how he enjoys spending time with his family and participating in outdoor activities. 
  • Talks about Prashant’s outstanding service in Antarctica - Antarctic Service Medal for the United States of America. 
  • A conversation about Prashant’s expertise in using SharePoint and Power Automate to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.   
  • The various ways in which SharePoint and Power Automate can be used together, including creating custom triggers and actions for Power Automate flows.   
  • Explore the benefits of using the Power Platform, including its low-code-no-code approach and the ability to build and customize business solutions easily.   
  • Tips and best practices for using SharePoint and Power Automate effectively in an organization.   
  • Discussions about working with ISVs  
  • Find out more about K2 and Index in Power Platform 
  • Prashant’s advice to people planning to switch careers to get into this space 
  • Talks about Prashant’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – the impact and involvement in the community. 

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Thanks for listening 🚀 - Mark Smith


[mark]: today's guest is from maryland in the united states he currently works as a cloud solution architect at applied information sciences or a i s he was first awarded as nvpandtwenty seven

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: yeah

[mark]: ten he's a co author of a book power shelf officer six five and this is an interesting one he is a recipient of the antarctic service medal for the united states of america was standing service to an tactic i'm going to unpack that one for sure you can find links to his bio social media connections et cetera in the show notes for this episode welcome to the show shot

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: thanks mark thanks for having me on the show

[mark]: good to have you on first of all before we jump into getting into your background tell us about Antartica

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: all right so i got i was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work there that was back in two thousand eight when i was studying at union city of maryland corishparg and i was working there as a research assistant and i got a potion to go there and conduct a research for one and a half months and because of my travel there like ontartiga is a big continent and us government has a lot of stations there and one of the biggest station is called mcmorgistration and that station aids on the side of new zealand so to travel there first i had to go to new zealand at christ church there is a big facility there where they provide you a clothing and from there you take a special military flight that is like eight our flight from christ church to mmoresation and the station has typically thousand people during the summer time and antartic summer aides same as australia or new zealand at least in the micmodostation like that time is typically from november to by and i got a chance to go there like i landed there in november mid november and stayed there till almost end of december

[mark]: wow that is amazing you're the first person i've got to say i know

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: yeah

[mark]: of people that are planning on traveling and doing like sailing down there or going fire ship from argentina but the fact that you've been to salon where i'm from and and and that you've done that what was it like what's the most memorable part of been there

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: so the most memorable part was just being there in london on an artic continent like you know the antartic content is a really big continent and pretty much everywhere it's ice and it is classified as a desert like we have two kinds of desert one s the one we have a lot of sand like us find it in arizona or in middle age and the second type is like we just have ice all over so enteric content falls in to that and my biggest are the most treasured memory from the areas seeing the wild sales like sleeping on the eyes like care free because sal don't have any national printer in tati continent they are kind of operators there so they kind of like you know relax about just like the kind of things you see in africa where you know lions are the king of jungle same as like the leopard seal like a king like a king there and you can hear them snoring from almost a mile and a half this no very well loudly unfortunately

[mark]: that's incredible

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: i couldn't see the penguins dale because to see penguins he had to stay till january but i did get a chance to see penguin in christ church martin journey like there is a nice facility where you can see the penguins it is i think her the crisis airport i think

[mark]: hm wow that's so cool that's so cool and what a unique and unique experience that you have before we before we unpack your it experience and journey and ultimately becoming an v p tell us about food family and fun how long have you lived where you lived you know tell us a bit about the things that you do when you're not doing it stuff

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: okay so i was born an raised in india and i did my undergraduate or bachelor's degree in india in electronics engineering and after that i worked for of years in india for i be and for chsbcbank and then i always wanted to study in us and in two thousand seven i came to united states to do the masters in computer engineering and till that time most of my experience of work has been with ibmmaintrim system or with the low level programming using device drivers and c plus plus and after i graduated in two thousand nine i just appeared for a bite the way that time it was like a recision was going on states and i was fortunate have to get a job in a form called porto solutions and they were known for doing a lot of share point work and that was the first interaction with share point like back in two thousand nine and then i worked there for almost eleven years and while working there i got married my wife is also from india i got married in twenty twelve we hard kate in twenty eighteen he is like four years old that's why i was making sure my door is locked because he's inside the house and i want to make sure you know we can talk unintereptedly in terms of the food i like variety of the foods but my personal favorite now an indian food is a mexican food i like a mexican food a lot because they have a lot of varieties of cheese and vegetables and plus the ode that you can you can have i really like that

[mark]: nice nice what about your favorite indian food m

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: my favorite indian food is it's a home made food and you'll be surprised it's just like lentil dull and some bread within a the caparty i really like that

[mark]: oh well so so interesting and so interesting in your you know your experience coming from india to the u s and the companies you work for m and yeah i had no idea that you work for b m which who i currently work for um yes very interesting tell me about tell me about you know getting into share point and particularly the transition over the last few years from share point into things like the power play form and and particularly power apse and power automat and things like that how have things changed in you know what you've observed over that time

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: okay so when i started working with share point it was back in two thousand nine and my first version of share point time was two thousand seven or most used to call and then i started working on share point only ten until that time you know a lot of enterprises a lot of companies were looking at share point as a kind of silver bullet that we saw all our ordination problem like if someone has to build anything whether it's a public facing website or internal application every one so thing let's use share point and see if we can do that we share a point it's make sure point not look like a share point but still use like it's behind the same capabilities and that sort of kind of started changing ever since michu made a push to sherperonline or offistics i that used to call the time it was like around to rent fourteen twenty fifteen we started getting some customers who were more interested in exploring the club and then came the year twenty eight twenty nine in where microsafthad to make a decision what to do with all this in for platforms and old share point designers work flows and that sort of time they made announcement about i think it was twenty six and they made announcement about power as and power to make and i started slowly exploring that and then started getting a lot of engagements clients were interested okay we are moving to the cloud but while moving the cloud we want to make sure we use the latest and greatest technology for forms and work plows and during that time we also started working with some of the swedes because some of the capabilities weportplatform were not there yet and there was a big a and a couple of pipes like big now i es they had a good product compelling at back time

[mark]: so give us some examples of those ISVs

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: like an index and do now they both have joined the forces but in index and catos they had really good solution that time because the alternates such as power platform was not mature enough during that time

[mark]: so so that's that's interesting that you brought up both K2 to and index tell us you know what you know now is there the demand for index and k2 like there used to be five years ago

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: i don't think so and that's the reason that you say like like i worked on both to and next those were great products for the time but if you look at their marketing messaging now or the kind of focus they have they're shifting away from traditional forms and work law business and going more into the other areas like the r p a or business process management and other areas of that because they know it's going to be tough for them to compete with microsot power platform so there are kind of now and then that's why they start maintain into other areas

[mark]: so you know you talk about pa then as part of that their venture path but of course microsophters

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: yes

[mark]: is covering a solidly but then you did talk about b p m as well business process management um do you see there's a gap in what we have with flow and and power automate for a b p m technology

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: definitely there is a gap because if you look at it flow and if you look at it you can look at power power to the entire set the cloud flows as well as the stuff lose those are built for mostly back end automation but if you look at like a holy stake business process management system which you can use to say not only create to back end to mention but you create let's say diagrams like visuals are you can which can help you to understand okay what's going on where i think those are capabilities still not yet maybe eventually michrosof will add those but i don't think like right now if you look at the road mike most of the focuses on getting the utomotion out of the door like adding more and more capabilities where use power to mend a single product and it doesn't matter where your data lives we can just pretty much connect that to all the commonly yields third product products or microsrptaco system or you can also connect to your legacy on premarsystem as well why custom connectors so that story s really well back i think maybe in a couple of years we'll see more and more focus on on business process management side of it

[mark]: interesting have you looked at l x

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: not yet

[mark]: you haven't looked at that so that's an is solution i came across about ten years ago and that was during the b p m but

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: okay

[mark]: totally built on the data verse and of course predataversa it was built on miko's technology prior to that but yeah very interesting comes out of spain nd and seen used in a lot of like in financial stitutions at ane o b p m to to to work with power automat s part of that story and and they have that whole visualize element that you talked about so interesting interesting that as you're the first person i've talked to and had a conversation about kate and index and you know i've seen their journey because you know my career in dynamics they were there on that very strong in that sharepointand i wondered what was happening now being that microsophhas built so much of that functionality into the platform very interesting tell me about what do you when you look at the future where do you see things going from the microsoft power platform perspective maybe based on your observations where do you see things going what do you see the opportunity is for other people like if they were going to switch careers get into this space where what advice would you give them

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: so okay i will answer the first question which is where things are going i think you'll see more and more push from microsopt and more and more offerings where how you can connect microsoptreip black cloud it's a part platform micrssixtyfin i sell and build enterprise application like if you see some of the recent announcement regarding licensing as well trying to combine the iser light sing we re platform so that you as a company doesn't have to worry about okay we the pore part form or microsofsixty for you just have to focus on what's a business problem i have and how i can so are using all the sticks that are avelable to me in the microsoptico system i think future is like more more or less the things are going there but it will take some time but i think the work has already been started on that now another thing that another train that i'm seeing a lot this day s the fusion development where so still now like you will always say that okay either you have a group of developers for building a really good application or you have a group of citizen developers power users for building a really suffice you can enterprise application but as things getting complicated you would say there is a lot of push where okay how can bring distuthings together and instead of these two things fighting together how art we know welavitocater really socistigated application where citizen delopers can can focus more on using something like power platform and then prodeoperscane then integrate power platform using some azure services and you know but really manful applications like we are seeing a lot and lot interest in that one uh in terms of giving someone the advice i will say with like if someone is starting new today i will mostly ask them okay what you would like to work whether you would like to work in a producdelopment space or whether you would like to work in life more in iasries or for system intervators or more enterprise pace answer is first like they want to focus more under prordelopment then recommend them okay maybe then depending on your roles whether you would like to be a developer or pro manager you can decide for a dollar then you have to like you know go to pick any programming language of your choice and just most of that but if someone says no i want to focus more on the enterprise space then i will say like okay look at the size products because if you see in the industry trend sac is kind of where most of the cos or cideos are leading towards so pick any saspirant of your choice it can be makosftixifi or part platform and you start in your expert is in that then i was find more and more oportionaldis aligning with your skills there

[mark]: i like it i like it this is very cool tell us you know as well as we go to wrap up your v p journey how did that come about for you and what has the impact been for you on becoming an MVP

[prashant_g_bhoyar]: okay so i have always been a community person when i was studying engineering in india we used to organize a lot of community events within the college itself college campus itself like we used to invite we used to invite industry leaders for the guest lectures we used to organize some court camps and then i came to us and i kind of was away from the community for almost ever since i came to us because i was studying and i was also doing working as a research assistant like it was very hard for me to find the spare time but to end you to all my company actually sponsored share point saturday they work on similar lines let's say adds seco saturdays or other saturday events we have i was at a booth and i was also helping the organizers with running the end and i kind of really like that concert where you know you just come there and share what you're in no and the audience used to be mostly friendly audience and nd those events used to be frequent you're just coming there you know eat free pisa hang out with people and learn some cool stuff on then after that i started contributing to share points tidy i started speaking i also started organizing the vent i started to use a group so i got my first emvipy about twenty seventeen and when i started doing my community activity s a lot of people noticed me and i got nominated by i think roughly two or three people that time and during that time the nvps used to get about it every quarter so i think i missed one quarter so i got nominated somewhere in october but already the deadline for the us january time frame already past so i got awarded in april time from april twenty seventeen and then initially my category was office sixty f ape and services especially short point and then i got really interested in mica apply to space started doing a lot of work in that space both in the company is also started evangelizing that lot why are the groups conference stocks and when nineteen i changed my category to ai and till now i am still in vip but apart from that this year i got additional category as business up as well in terms of a like dictums of pic i still organize a lot of use root meetings like we have very strong community in washington des area where is from and before the panem most of the useroopmeetings and conferences we used to organize used to be in person conference but ever since the pandemic has started everything is working now we're still looking to host our first in person conference our community conference i think early next year the venue we typically use is not available right now otherwise we would have posted in this quarter itself and in terms of biggest impact for me as an m p the net working like i made lot of friends i made a lot of really interesting people i learn a lot from the fellow envipsand other people who are not a p but contributing a lot in the community and also being an emvypi gives you the dare access to the microsoppoer group which is which is which is really very valuable especially now we live in a time where the technology changes like pretty much every week or every month and sometimes you know there is not much information out there in the internet because uh you the technology is also new and then you have to rely on microsuper group the direction or just to find out what's the optimum solution you can take this is a scenario for you.

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Prashant G Bhoyar

Prashant G Bhoyar is a Microsoft AI MVP, Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and Microsoft Certified Professional. He currently works as Cloud Solution Architect at Applied Information Sciences ( He is a trusted advisor and Subject Matter Expert in Conversational AI, Applied AI, Intelligent Business Process Automation, development, and post-implementation adoption of complex custom solutions in AI, Machine Learning, Bots, Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and SharePoint. Prashant has supported a multitude of government agencies and non-profit organizations in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Prashant is the co-author of the book “PowerShell for Office 365 “and is the technical reviewer of the book "Pro SharePoint 2013 Administration." He serves on the leadership committee for the Azure Data Fest conference, Artificial Intelligence Fest conference, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning User Group, Northern Virginia SQL User Group, and DC Metro Office 365 User Group. He is a renowned international speaker and actively speaks at technical conferences, most recently in India, Canada, England, Bangladesh, Peru, Washington DC, Austin, New York, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Fun fact??, Prashant is a recipient of the "Antarctic Service Medal of the United States of America" for his outstanding service in Antarctica.