Power Platform Adoption Framework with Lucy Bourne, Andrew Welch and Lee Baker

Power Platform Adoption Framework with Lucy Bourne, Andrew Welch and Lee Baker

Lucy Bourne, Andrew Welch and Lee Baker


  • Find out more about Lucy Bourne, Andrew Welch and Lee Baker’s life and career background.  
  • Learn about what PowerApps Adoption Framework is. 
  • What are the moving parts of PowerApps Adoption Framework? 
  • The relationship of Center of Excellence Starter Kit and PowerApps adoption Framework 
  • How does governance fit with the center of excellence that Microsoft had released? 
  • What is enterprise risk and how does it impact the business? 
  • What are the key factors that contribute to an effective risk management program? 
  • Why does this solution address enterprise risk? 
  • How does Power Platform fit into an enterprise ecosystem based on what's in the market? 
  • Lee and Andrew’s views on the Microsoft Three Clouds story. 
  • What does that mean in an enterprise ecosystem? 


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Andrew WelchProfile Photo

Andrew Welch

Andrew is a Microsoft MVP for Business Applications serving as Vice President and Director, Cloud Application Platform practice at HSO. His technical focus is on cloud technology in large global organizations and on adoption, management, governance, and scaled development with Power Platform. He’s the published author of the novel “Field Blends” and the forthcoming novel “Flickan”, co-author of the “Power Platform Adoption Framework”, and writer on topics such as “Power Platform in a Modern Data Platform Architecture”.

Lucy BourneProfile Photo

Lucy Bourne

Lucy Bourne is a Microsoft Business Applications Evangelist on a mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Lee BakerProfile Photo

Lee Baker

Lee Baker is a Technical Director, loud Application Platform at HSO. He is a technology lead, Geek and coffee lover. In addition. he loves transforming businesses with Azure and the Power Platform.